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Sometimes, art runs in the family, and throughout history, there accept been lots of examples. Pieter Bruegel the Elder was a acclaimed artist; so was his son (the Younger, of course); afresh there’s Renaissance adept Hans Holbein and his dad, an able Gothic painter.

There are lots of latter-day examples as well, and to bless Father’s Day, artnet Account is alive a two-part alternation of interviews with acclaimed father-and-son duos in the art industry. We capital to know: what do fathers and sons apprentice from one another? How do they absorb their time? And aback it comes to agency of attractive at art, how far does the angel abatement from the tree?

For the additional allotment of this alternation (don’t absence the aboriginal part!), we batten with Chicago beneficiary and MCA Chicago architecture trustee Larry Fields and his son, Adam, the architect of Arta Shipping; dealers Marc and Arne Glimcher of New York’s Pace Gallery; and artisan Evgeny Svyatsky, of the artist  and his son, Anton, of the artisan aggregate AES F. (Oh, and don’t absence our Mother’s Day edition!)

Adam and Larry Fields. Photo address Larry Fields.

How does art amount into your relationship?

Adam Fields: From my standpoint, art plays an important role in that my dad alien me to it, and helped me ascertain the aircraft acumen problem, which led to me starting my business, Arta Shipping. As collectors alone of abreast art, we’re additionally consistently discussing artists’ works, trends, art in affiliation to accepted and absolute events, and art apple news. I affectionate of appearance myself as accepting one bottom in, and one out, of the art industry. I’m added of a technology and business-minded art enthusiast who wants to admonition accord bodies admission to art. My dad of advance played a key allotment in the development of that passion.   

Larry Fields: Besides conversations about aircraft and accession art, we altercate contempo developments on the art scene, artists to accumulate an eye on, and we biking calm to altered art-related events, including Art Basel this month.

Are there any fundamentally altered agency you attending at art?

Adam: My dad gave me a foundation and the aplomb to appoint with art. That was a abundant starting point for me, but of course, there are differences amid us and how we collaborate with and aggregate art. If you are a absolute able collector, like both of my parents are, you accept absolute relationships, artists, and dialogues that you’re aggravating to chase up with and body upon. For me, as a newer beneficiary with beneath assets and beneath amplitude to abundance things, I’m actually focused on adolescent artists who are added attainable from a amount standpoint.

There accept been some artists who we looked at aboriginal on together, who I arrangement of put on my dad’s radar—Tony Lewis, for example, who’s a abundant Chicago artist. There are others who haven’t actually formed out for him. One of them, absolute aboriginal on, was Tauba Auerbach, aback aback she was assuming with Jack Hanley in San Francisco. Newer examples are bodies like Michael Williams and Raphaela Simon. Not that these are artists that my parents don’t like, but, you know, you can alone buy so abundant and you accept added things that you’re attractive at, so it’s boxy to say yes to everything, abnormally aback the artists are beneath established.  

I additionally ask a lot of questions—probably added than my dad does. I’m consistently affectionate of acquisition admonition over time as I ascertain artists. Everyone consistently says, “buy what you love,” but if you adulation a lot of what you see, it’s tough. You can’t get everything. You accept to amount out what piques your absorption above aloof what you anticipate you love.

Larry: To that point, Adam has a fresher eye for arising artists and art movements. It seems I attending at artists who are added mid-career, and I adore celebratory what they’re axis their absorption to. A lot of them are Chicago-based artists, I would say; bodies like Nick Cave, Theaster Gates, and Rashid Johnson, who confused to New York a little while ago. Christopher Wool is addition who we see enough, forth with a few others who I accept friendships with. Aback you collect, absolute acreage becomes a absolute affair in agreement of area to put everything, so I about attending at works that are added vetted by curators and bodies who are putting on arcade and architecture shows, whether it’s retrospectives or mid-career shows.

What art activities do you adore accomplishing together?

Adam: You know, at Art Basel, for example, my dad’ll apparently be at the centermost of it all, talking to the Zwirners and the Gladstones, while I’ll be in the arising area talking to some of those gallerists, because I’ve actually apparent them abound in their careers. But, on the added hand, it’s still fun to accompany our two worlds calm at galleries and museums. We like to anticipate of ourselves as Renaissance men. We accept a ample arrangement of interests and tastes in culture. We’re Cubs fans. You know, there was one year that the Cubs were in the Apple Alternation and there was an MCA Chicago bright that aforementioned night and bodies were aggravating to get out of it. The Cubs weirdly arrangement of agency into the art stuff: if they’re in the Apple Alternation in October, my dad, as a rule, instructs my mom that we can’t go to any art contest about that time.

Larry: That’s true. We biking and appointment art museums, galleries, and artists’ studios together. We like blockage out admirable restaurants while we do those things. Eating calm is consistently aerial up on our both of our agitation lists. We aloof went to Virgil Abloh’s appearance together. I’m a trustee for the MCA Chicago, area the appearance is actuality held. Aloof walking and administration account is consistently great, because you never apperceive what you’re activity to see, really. It’s consistently air-conditioned to be able to allotment your reactions with your son and get his impressions, too.

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What accept you abstruse from one another? What do you adore best about anniversary other’s assurance with art?

Adam: I adore aggregate my dad does and has accomplished. Best of what I accept learned, be it in art or life, comes from him. His enthusiasm, passion, respect, and bite for art and the art ecosystem accept rubbed off on me. His captivation in, and admonition for, Arta has additionally been invaluable. Aback I was alive at Artspace, I affectionate of accomplished that acumen and aircraft were a big problem, and I started to allocution with him about how he dealt with aircraft for his own collection.

The funny allotment is that he initially said it wasn’t that big of a botheration until he started acquainted how abundant time and money you could save aback you actually dissected all of the costs involved. My dad affectionate of got the point beyond to me that aback you’re affairs from a gallery, ambidextrous with them on aircraft is usually not fun, and they don’t about accord you assorted bids to be able to advertence adjoin the adduce of the work, so there’s a lot of befalling to enhance the user acquaintance for a gallery, and action what a retail abundance ability action its barter in agreement of aircraft options and accepting pieces area they charge to go. So from a business standpoint, too, his admonition has been essential.

Larry: Adam is added accessible to new art movements and artists that represent new trends in today’s dialogue. Abreast art, by definition, consistently agency befitting up with today’s evolving environment. Befitting an accessible apperception is actually a affection I actually adore in Adam’s angle on life, and he’s actually apparent me abounding arising artists, who we’ve circled aback on. He’s been appropriate on a lot of occasions about them and their work, admitting of advance we can’t buy all of it. I’ve abstruse a lot from him in that regard.

From one beneficiary to another, I’ve additionally approved to advise him that there’s a lot of art out there, and you don’t accept to be absolute fast-moving aback you buy. You can be selective, and sometimes art gets away, so you can’t consistently be balked by that because you can’t buy everything. But Adam has a abundant eye for advancing bodies who are authoritative assignment that others haven’t anticipation of yet.

How do you appetite or apprehend your assurance with art to abound and advance over the years?

Adam: Amid us, I anticipate it’s angry into a nice yin-and-yang relationship. I try to advance him appear newer and adolescent artists, movements, and genres. He shares insights with me that I wouldn’t accept noticed or been buried to myself. If annihilation else, alfresco of art, we’ll consistently accept my dad’s banal puns and dad jokes as the one connected in our relationship!

Larry: Father-and-son interactions are priceless. We accept consistently talked sports, but art creates conversations that not alone strengthen ancestors relationships, but additionally association and all-around relationships, added broadly, and that’s actually special. Art creates these opportunities for alternation and allusive affiliation and it’s up to all of us to use it in the appropriate way.

Arne and Marc Glimcher. Photo address Pace Gallery.

What role does art comedy in your accord today?

Arne Glimcher: Significant.

Marc Glimcher: It is everything. It comprises the majority of things we accede about, and additionally the majority of things we disagree about.

Do you attending at art absolute abnormally from one another?

Arne: Yes.

Marc: Don’t accomplish me attending too bad…

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Arne: Amazing affairs charge abound to advance actually amazing art—it’s abundantly rare.

Marc: You consistently acquaint me I accept too abundant account for the aesthetic process. I am added open. I try to be as boxy as you, but that’s not possible.

Are there any art-related things you abnormally adore accomplishing together?

Arne: Drawing with Marc and my grandchildren.

Marc: Hmm. Well, we do all art activities together. Now, which ones do we enjoy? Mostly the ones that don’t accept parties absorbed to them!

Arne: Installing exhibitions.

Marc: Yes. He additionally enjoys re-installing exhibitions that I’ve installed…

What are the better acquaint you’ve abstruse from one another? 

Arne: I accept abstruse to be hardly added open.

Marc: I abstruse everything—from him and from my mother. As a kid, I had to seek out the art that they didn’t like, so I advised 17th-century Dutch and Baroque art. 

Arne: I did not go for Baroque…

Marc: I admired how abundant acute assurance there was with artists, starting from the banquet table, aback I was a little kid—when I was abject to studios, aback I was told to sit at the table and say article able aback the artists came over. Growing up, I never heard a distinct business-related chat with any artisan and either one of my parents. I never heard any acknowledgment of money, markets, sales—none of that. I abstruse that the assurance with the art was agnate to the assurance with the artist. We were acutely affianced with art; we were abject every weekend to a museum. My brother and I were awash the capacity of every architecture we visited. There was never a “let’s not go to the art museum” option.

How ability your assurance with art advance over the advancing years?

Arne: I apprehend to abide to abound added accessible to newer and arising art movements—Marc has been alive to that for me.

Marc: The way our assurance with art grows is that we accompany new bodies with new perspectives into our family. Our Pace family. That is what has consistently happened. That’s why it is Pace Gallery, not the Arnold Glimcher Gallery. Bodies were consistently brought in with altered perspectives. Every decision, argument, and agitation existed because added bodies with added angle were brought in, rather than bodies who were brought in to aloof say, “yes, you’re right”—including me. We abound our assurance with the arts as we accompany added bodies together. Our new architecture is activity to be home for that affectionate of agitation and dialogue. 

Lecture Series: Views on Dutch Painting of the Golden Age ..

Anton and Evgeny Svyatsky. Photo address Anton Svyatsky.

What role does art comedy in your relationship?

Anton Svyatsky: I anticipate at this point, it arrangement of is the relationship. I anticipate it makes faculty to accomplish a little bit of an addition here: I’m the flat administrator of AES F—a abreast aggregate of four Russian artists, of which my ancestor is one—and I booty affliction of aggregate that the artists themselves don’t do. I feel like, in a sense, they’re all my parents. I administer their flat and administer their careers, in a way. In agreement of absolute art, I actually don’t apperceive abundant about Evgeny’s preference. He usually comes from a abode of affect aback he’s apropos art, and it’s arrangement of intuitive. Sometimes we’ll both accede on a work, but that’s appealing rare, I would say. 

Evgeny Svyatsky: I anticipate that’s accustomed [laughs]. We accept altered things that we admire, but I think, added generally, we accept a lot of accepted interests. I anticipate besides the actuality that we’re ancestor and son, and that we’re close, art provides absolute arena for our accord to grow. I’m actually blessed that Anton got complex in art and became our flat administrator because we’d attending at works calm aback he was young, from the time he was a baby. So aback he accelerating from college, he became a actually alive allotment of our aggregation and I anticipate me and my colleagues, we all actually account his opinions, his advice, and what he thinks about the convenance and the assignment that we’re doing. 

Would you say you attending at art similarly?

Anton: I anticipate my dad arrangement of allegedly bases his opinions on his claimed compassionate of aesthetics, and his own contexts and so on. Aback I attending at art, of advance my own ambience plays a role, but I consistently try to acquisition the aesthetic intention, and I consistently try to attending for academic messaging, or the things that they alternation you to do, as an art historian. I’m way added analytical than my dad is aback I’m attractive at stuff. It’s actually affectionate of fun to attending at things together. My dad will accompany me over to a assignment and afresh I aloof alpha disturbing it to shreds. But sometimes, absolute rarely I guess, we’re both affectionate of taken in by a assignment and we’re arrangement of aghast afore it. One case of this was Paul McCarthy at the Park Avenue Armory; this was some years ago. He had a massive accession there. Do you anamnesis what you admired about it?

Evgeny: I admired the scale, and the way he arrangement of interacts with his space. I actually like the ambience of his work, overall.

Anton: I anticipate it was the apple that he created. Any convenance that involves creating a amplitude of absolute captivation is what gets both of us. We’re suckers for that.

Are there art activities you like to do together?

Anton: I actually adore aloof traveling calm and activity to clandestine collections. But again, as a allotment of my father’s collective, it’s added agreeable accomplishing it all together. So it wouldn’t aloof be the two of us, it would be a accomplished big group: the artists, myself, and the assembly director, who is the son of two added associates of the collective. I would say a lot of our accord revolves about their practice, because there’s annihilation actually alfresco of an artist’s practice. It becomes their life.

Evgeny: I like activity to see art exhibitions, and activity to the fairs and festivals, but additionally things like accomplishing interviews together, or advancing statements and letters for our shows. All genitalia of our accord are about art activities, accustomed that we assignment so carefully together.

What can you say you’ve abstruse from one another?

Anton: I abstruse aggregate about art from him. You know, usually aback a adolescent is brought into the world, they’re built-in into their parents’ apple and whatever their parents are doing. Some parents accept time alfresco of their work, admitting artists don’t accept that. Artists aloof accept art lives. So that was my upbringing. 

Evgeny: I’ve abstruse important things from Anton about the art bazaar and added about the New York scene, back he’s developed up here. He has a lot of connections, and gives us actually advantageous admonition for the practice. I anticipate he’s able to allege to a lot that we didn’t get from our art schools in the Soviet Union. I’ve abstruse a lot from him, absolutely.

How do you apprehend your perspectives may change as the years unfold?

Anton: I abbey shows. I started accomplishing that added as I accommodated added and added artists. I accept a appearance aperture in London on July 10 at Annka Kultys Gallery. I’m activity to abbey added shows and abound the AES F convenance until I’m annoyed of it. That’s affectionate of what I’m assured to happen. But I anticipate also, to readdress the beforehand question, my dad is apparently one of the best acclaimed artists in Russia—and actually the best in my opinion. So it’s not article that you actually anticipate about aback you’re a adolescent of one of the artists and a artefact of their practice, but aback you airing into an exhibition of their assignment and you watch people’s reactions to it, you can’t admonition but adore what they do. I’ve apparent bodies arrant or bedlam absurdly or continuing there with their mouths afraid and not affective for 40 minutes. And that absolutely elicits admiration.

Evgeny: In agreement of the approaching and growth, we accept a lot of new account and projects. Recently we’ve formed with amphitheater and opera companies, and now we’re because accomplishing a activity for a ballet. We’re additionally attractive into new media: we accept one contempo activity with alloyed or basic absoluteness and we’re attractive at accomplishing article with AR, too. We aloof opened new studios in New York and Berlin, so that should absolutely admonition our convenance evolve. There’s consistently new assignment to be done.

What You Know About Dutch Baroque Art Focused Upon And What You Don’t Know About Dutch Baroque Art Focused Upon | Dutch Baroque Art Focused Upon – dutch baroque art focused upon
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