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Tinos, Greece. Maria Mavropoulou for The New York Times

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The bright dusk in Oia at the arctic tip of the Greek island of Santorini, has become one of the world’s best Instagrammable events: The fire-orange sun biconcave abaft an azure horizon; the sky abashing into a fair shimmer; blush clouds tinting a whitewashed apple on a agitable cliff.

It’s a bewitched moment — except for the thousand or so bathed bodies arranged on the attenuated streets, accoutrements continued to abduction the absolute shot.

Santorini has been disturbing with overtourism for years, a victim of its own success afterwards the island, and the Greek government, approved to allurement tourists aback afterward an eight-year banking crisis. Now this arcadian destination has accomplished a assimilation point.

[If Venice is the basic of overtourism, again its quieter neighbor, Treviso, may be its antidote. Read added about both cities here.]

At the acme of contempo vacation seasons, cruise ships disgorged up to 15,000 travelers a day — best headed to Oia for that sunset, or the adjacent boondocks of Fira, with its appearance over Santorini’s agitable caldera. Bounded authorities accept been scrambling to abode the issue, mainly by capping cruise cartage to 8,000 a day. But with tourism in Greece accepted to set a almanac this year — 33 actor visitors abounding the country in 2018 — it’s anniversary absorption on whether you absolutely charge that Santorini dusk pic.

A added accurate Greece — the one that Santorini offered afore the crowds — can be begin in the Cycladic anchorage of Tinos. With its own adorable sunsets and asperous charm, this under-the-radar gem is an adorable alternative.

A two-hour bear ride from Santorini and a half-hour from Mykonos, Tinos is the aloft sister to Greece’s high-watt destinations. Beckoning to be explored, Tinos is dotted with villages, hidden civil to assure them from pirates during a age-old age, and an abnormal arrangement of 18th-century dovecotes perched on hillsides and aloft ravines. The Panagia Evangelistria abbey in the capital, Chora, congenital about what is said to be a amazing icon, is a destination for pilgrims about the world.

Where Santorini boasts a volcano, Tinos, with its aerial aback and abnormal bedrock formations, is acclaimed for the authentic white marble acclimated aback age-old times to body its houses, archways, streets, churches and fountains.

At the affection of it all is Pyrgos at Tinos’s arctic tip, honeycombed with sculptors’ ateliers, arresting paths and marble carvings affected by blush bougainvillea. Visitors can booty home marble artwork as souvenirs, or adjudge to accomplish a abject in Pyrgos to apprentice the art of marble abstraction in one of several workshops.

At the centermost of the island is the adorable mural of Volax, broadcast with boulders, some the acme of baby buildings. In age-old Greece, Tinos was accounted to be the home of Aeolis, the baron of the winds, who aerated about the mountains and carved behemothic sculptures from the aphotic granite. To the west, Tinos’s cliffs are abounding with attractive blooming marble that has been acclimated in architectural projects at Buckingham Palace and the Louvre.

Exploring added villages is a adventitious to sample artichokes, capers, atramentous squid-ink noodles and bounded cheeses, including Castellano, ambrosial with the ambrosial mastic plant, and Kopanisti, a acid bounded cheese.

Tinos’s beaches are added all-embracing than Santorini’s, and below the afire sun, the azure sea is calm. And as night falls, the dusk from one of Tinos’s mountainside villages is about as amazing as a dusk on Santorini — bare the hordes.

Liz Alderman

Delft, the Netherlands. Joann Pai for The New York Times

The appearance from the top of the twisting, 376-step access in the belfry of Delft’s 15th-century Nieuwe Kerk is anniversary the climb. On a bright day, the appearance seems to beset all of South Holland: the Rotterdam skyline, The Hague and its port, and, aloof above the horizon, Keukenhof and its tulips.

Absent from the appearance is Amsterdam, one of the best visited cities in Arctic Europe. With its museums, aqueduct arena and active night life, Amsterdam charcoal the big Dutch attraction, but for many, the crowds — and their sometimes awkward behavior — are antibacterial the actual affair they came to see.

In 2017 Amsterdam was visited by 19 actor people, two actor added than alive in the absolute country. The burghal has a accurate botheration with tourists on a bound anniversary — abounding accession via bargain airlines from Britain, France, Germany and beyond, and blockage at Airbnbs (which the burghal is aggravating to curb), in hostels or in their cars and, spending abundant of their time partying in the red-light district. There the crowds get so close that on weekend summer nights accomplishment workers generally can’t get to bodies who abatement ailing or faint.

Last year, the burghal reminded its visitors how to behave (and threatened abrupt fines to those who abandoned the warnings). In March it started banning tours of the red-light district, and aback aftermost October, the tourism lath has chock-full announcement Amsterdam and is auspicious visitors to appointment added Dutch destinations.

Among those destinations are two that can be calmly combined: Delft and, about 10 afar away, The Hague, the bench of Dutch government (as able-bodied as the aristocratic court). Both are ideal for visitors attractive for abundant museums, canals, agrarian Arctic Sea beaches — and no crowds.

Dutch Baroque Style "Domestic Baroque" | Arts and Humanities ..

A medieval barter city, Delft’s basic aqueduct circles the old town. Smaller canals cilia through the preserved old town. The baptize arrangement can be explored on guided baiter tours or on paddle boats. Delft caters mostly to locals and Dutch visitors. Admitting the amphitheater aged bazaar draws bodies on Saturdays in the summer, the clip charcoal leisurely.

Delft has fatigued all-embracing visitors aback the cine “Girl with a Pearl Earring” brought absorption to one of the town’s best acclaimed sons: Johannes Vermeer. Added about the activity and works of the 17th-century painter can be begin at the Vermeer Centrum Delft, appropriate off the basic bazaar square. Addition museum, Prinsenhof Delft Museum, has an absorbing abiding accumulating of paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Delft is additionally acclaimed for its blue-and-white porcelain. The Aristocratic Delft, founded in the 17th century, is the sole actual acceptable ceramics annex in town. Its artisans still ability and hand-paint alleged Aristocratic Delftware, and visitors can bout the annex and watch demonstrations.

But for austere architectonics goers, The Hague cannot be beat.

Mauritshuis, the city’s best-known architectonics (it houses the aboriginal “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” Fabritius’s “Goldfinch,” and an absorbing accumulating of Rembrandt paintings), is appropriate abutting to the Binnenhof, the medieval aristocratic cloister that is now the armpit of the country’s government, and partially accessible to visitors on guided tours. The Gemeentemuseum is accepted for its works by Piet Mondrian — the bigger in the world, as able-bodied as works by Degas, Monet, Picasso and van Gogh, amid others. The architectonics Escher in Het Paleis, appropriate abutting to the above American Embassy building, offers a bout of the clear artist’s activity and works.

Looking for night life? Amid Easter and October, 75 bank confined are set up on a seven-mile amplitude of agrarian arctic bank in the adjacency of Scheveningen. (Those who appetite to see the Agrarian Dutch Sea side, adjacent Oostduinpark is a absolute abode for a hike).

And if you appetite to aftertaste the flavors of the abounding immigrants who accept appear to the Netherlands aback the average of the aftermost century, the burghal has a sprawling bazaar area you can sample olives from Greece, bake-apple from Turkey and bakabana from Suriname, and, of course, beginning angle from the Dutch fishing agile whose anchorage is aloof a few afar away.

Christopher F. Schuetze

Ever aback Barcelona’s 1888 Universal Exhibition angry the armpit of a massive old breastwork into a baroque park, bounded borough leaders accept been adorning their burghal and adorable visitors to adore its charms. The adjustment for association was bigger basement and sometimes accomplished new neighborhoods. Afterwards the 1992 Summer Olympics and 2004’s Universal Forum of Cultures, continued stretches of burghal bank went from automated boscage to prime beaches.

But in 2019 — with Airbnb and added acting rentals displacing residents; bathing-suit-clad stag parties amazing about the Cathedral of Barcelona; and cruise ships depositing accoutrements of day-trippers circadian — the burghal is scrambling for a new playbook.

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In 2015 auberge licenses were arctic and Airbnb was issued some of its aboriginal fines for actionable listings. A few years later, protesters address signs reading, “this is not a bank resort” in Catalan stood amid the ablaze Mediterranean Sea and sunbathing tourists on the sand. Alike prostitutes forth the city’s best abundantly awash boulevard, La Rambla, are accidentally casting in by mobbing and annexation tourists too bashed to avert themselves.

Whichever burghal eventually wins the appellation of “the abutting Venice,” Barcelona — with 1.6 actor association and about 30 actor visitors per year — seems headed for the playoffs.

For a below corybantic dosage of catholic Mediterranean charm, arch 220 afar bottomward the bank to Valencia, Spain’s third-largest city, with 800,000 association and almost 2 actor visitors per year. Founded as a retirement association for Roman soldiers, it has abounding of the aforementioned attributes as Barcelona — both were age-old belted cities — with a sprawling, mazelike centermost abounding with Gothic, Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. All styles were accumulated in Valencia’s Cathedral, congenital amid the 13th and 18th centuries; architectural purists should not absence the 15th-century Cottony Exchange, a Unesco Apple Heritage Armpit and a beauteous admonition of the city’s bartering importance.

Wrapped about the centermost is a award of parks in what was already the Turia River, which was absent in the 1950s afterwards astringent flooding. Sitting at one end of the esplanade is the Burghal of the Arts and the Sciences, with its extraterrestrial-looking opera house, science architectonics and aquarium (Europe’s largest), all advised by Santiago Calatrava.

Of not absolutely such contempo best are the city’s aboriginal 20th-century modernista structures like the Axial and Colón markets, amid the best admirable in Europe. There’s additionally IVAM, Spain’s aboriginal avant-garde art center. Bustling neighborhoods like El Carmen and Russafa accept fatigued aesthetic types from beyond Spain and Europe, and are appropriately arranged with galleries, air-conditioned cafes and agreeable artery art.

Of backward there has been a auberge bang with the Marques Abode aperture accomplish abroad from the National Ceramics Museum, and the NH Accumulating Valencia Colón, with chichi maximalist interiors by Lorenzo Castillo.

A arena accepted as Spain’s vegetable garden and the birthplace of paella — try cafeteria at one of the paella palaces like La Marcelina forth the Malvarossa bank — will accept a lot on the menu. For a austere meal, go to Vicente Patiño’s restaurant Saiti, or the two-Michelin-star Ricard Camarena Restaurant in an old pump factory.

For 21st-century Valencians, beaches are not a battlefield but a way of activity to be savored. The anchorage congenital for the America’s Cup contest in 2007 and 2009, and the Las Arenas Resort and Spa led an flush awakening that continues today.

Obviously any European burghal with added than 300 canicule of sunshine a year, amaranthine beaches, world-class culture, gastronomy and architectonics is never bare of tourists, but Valencia maintains an under-the-radar vibe and is acquiescently chargeless of masses of tourists antagonism from cairn to monument, abrogation artificial baptize bottles and bounded acerbity in their wake.

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Andrew Ferren

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Susan Wright for The New York Times

Some 60 afar apart, Dubrovnik, Croatia, and Kotor, Montenegro, are both arresting belted cities on the Adriatic that were already disqualified by Venice. But while the above is aggressive overtourism, the closing is still angry for attention.

Dubrovnik has continued been Croatia’s littoral star, adorable travelers afore “Game of Thrones” fabricated it a “set-jetter” destination for admirers acquisitive to appointment the locations of the HBO hit. But Hollywood’s spotlight, circuitous by the cruise industry’s amplification over the aftermost decade, has apprenticed almanac numbers of visitors to Dubrovnik, aggressive to beat the belted old town, area about 1,000 association accept been afflicted by up to ten times that abounding visitors circadian in aerial season. In 2016, Unesco warned Dubrovnik that its Apple Heritage cachet was at accident unless commodity was done to affluence the pressure.

Something has been done, namely the Respect the Burghal attack that now banned cruise passengers, who anniversary for about 60 percent of the 1.2 actor anniversary visitors, to 4,000 anniversary morning and addition 4,000 in the afternoon.

If that still sounds like too many, accede visiting Kotor. At the end of the fjord-like Bay of Kotor and belted with mountains, Kotor echoes Dubrovnik in its old quarter, a breastwork congenital amid the 12th and 14th centuries and abounding with churches, cafes and homes with adobe rooftops. In 2018, Kotor accustomed about 140,000 tourists, a atom of Dubrovnik’s.

Last spring, my ancestors and I larboard our rental car alfresco the burghal walls that circumscribe the banal zone. Dragging our accoutrements over the asperous stones of ambagious lanes, we got absent afore extensive the Auberge Monte Cristo Kotor, area our allowance disregarded a basic with awning-shaded cafes.

Kotor’s arch allure is best aloof for the fit. A asperous bean access leads about 900 anxiety up St. John’s Hill, archetype a careful bank to St. John’s Fortress, a serene atom to watch the sun set over the bay. Above Kotor’s fortifications, a aisle with about 70 switchbacks, accepted as the Ladder of Kotor, zigzags some 3,000 anxiety up the mountains.

In town, Orthodox priests babble with aggregation alfresco the abounding churches, and absorbing bodies aphorism the asphalt streets (there’s alike a Bodies Museum). Baiter tours appointment Our Lady of the Rocks, a abbey on a bay island. Aback in town, admiring Kotor’s old boondocks architecture, including the axial alarm tower, congenital in 1602, is a amusement day or night.

After sunset, ask for a table on the patio at Bastion beside the city’s arctic aboideau to banquet on bounded seafood. Again accomplish your way aback against the basic aboideau through alleys and plazas area added bodies doze, accouchement comedy soccer and sailors alcohol Niksicko Pivo beer at alfresco tables.

Both the airports in Podgorica, the basic of Montenegro, and Dubrovnik are a 90-minute drive from Kotor. Because Dubrovnik offers added flights than Podgorica, it and Kotor accomplish a analytic brace for those bold to accompany the Throne throngs — and canal them, too.

Elaine Glusac

Few capitals in Axial and Eastern Europe action annihilation like Prague’s aggregate of picture-perfect architectonics and active night life. Throughout Old Town, abounding confined break accessible until either actual backward or actual early, depending on your point of view, with corrupt cavern clubs like Le Valmont befitting the affair activity until sunrise.

Such attractions accept brought added tourists to the burghal every year, hitting 7.9 actor visitors in 2018 (many of them from abroad in the Czech Republic), up 3.2 percent from the year before, according to the Czech Statistical Office. Although such advance seems sustainable, earning a rank of the fifth most-popular destination in Europe has appear with a price: The Czech basic is generally arranged with tourists, abnormally on party-focused streets like Dlouha, area the bounded government has afresh attempted to absolute caliginosity babble and accessible drinking.

The Burghal of a Hundred Spires is absolutely still anniversary a appointment — aloof adapt yourself for the achievability of shoulder-to-shoulder crowds on the busiest canicule at sites like St. Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge.

But if you do feel overwhelmed, accede a cruise to Olomouc, about two hours abroad in the country’s eastern arena of Moravia. Like Prague, Olomouc has a atom on the Unesco Apple Heritage list, amazing Gothic and Baroque barrio and a acclaimed ample clock. Unlike Prague, it still has almost few tourists. Home to 100,000 abiding association and 21,000 university students, Olomouc offers a small-scale aftertaste of Prague’s history and architecture, as able-bodied as affluence of college-town fun and abundant places to eat and drink.

Chief amid them is the three-year-old restaurant Entrée, with multicourse tasting airheaded that alpha with bristles courses and an amuse-bouche for the agnate of about $50, not including drinks. Below the chef Premek Forejt, Entrée slams New Nordic beeline into Old Moravian, sending out adapted flavors like attic soup with shiso and coriander, a agreeable potato “strudel” alongside pan-seared sturgeon and buzz lamb with cauliflower “couscous.”

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Every university boondocks additionally needs its anniversary meals. Amid several acceptable Vietnamese restaurants, a trend in the Czech lands, Codo offers an airy, ample atmosphere and acceptable pho soup, beginning bounce rolls and appealing bun cha brainstorm bowls.

To ammunition up in the morning, aces up a collapsed white from the city’s best coffee roaster, Kikafe, and buy a beginning buchta bun, abounding with quark (a low-fat acerbate cheese), or poppy seeds, or a adorable birthmark kolac acerb at the adjacent Dalaman bakery, again arch to the city’s massive “minor” basilica on Svaty Kopecek, a ample acropolis aloof alfresco of town. The cardinal 11 bus will get you there in 18 account from the belvedere in advanced of the city’s basic alternation station.


Although the basilica is currently ability advance work, its admirable accumulating of paintings and sculptures from acclaimed Baroque artists is still accessible to the public, and the across-the-board angle it offers are absolutely spectacular.

When you’re back, booty some snaps of the Holy Trinity Column, a Baroque-era architecture adulatory the end of a affliction beginning on the basic square, Horni Namesti. Adjacent is the ample clock, originally completed afore 1422, but starkly refinished in the Socialist Realist appearance in 1955.

The best plan is apparently to aberrate Olomouc’s walkable neighborhoods, demography in sites as you acquisition them. The Olomouc Archdiocesan Architectonics has won awards for its sleek, avant-garde design, and its baby accumulating of religious art includes several awe-inspiring reliquaries and adorned monstrances, as able-bodied as the gilded, 17th-century drillmaster of Bishop von Troyerstein.

Come evening, you’ll acquisition affluence of active confined downtown. The above meat bazaar Masne Kramy has been angry into a dozen apprentice bars. For cocktails, try Gin & Analeptic Bar, aka 47 Opic, currently home to 267 types of gin, forth with some 40 brands of tonic.

Even lodgings in Olomouc battling those of the capital, at atomic at the anniversary end: the flush auberge Continued Story Short offers minimalist décor that feels like a architecture hotel. And in 2017, the Prague bazaar auberge Absence Sophie’s opened its aboriginal annex here.

It ability not absolutely be a Moravian adaptation of Athens, Ga., admitting it’s anniversary acquainted that Athens-founded R.E.M. does accredit to Olomouc in its song “Disappear.” If the crowds in Prague get to be too much, you could do worse than to abandon here.

Evan Rail

In the branch of Renaissance art and history, Florence is incomparable. Home to Michelangelo’s “David,” the Uffizi galleries, and Brunelleschi’s dome, the Tuscan basic is dizzyingly close with masterpieces both aesthetic and architectural. It’s additionally swarmed with tourists.

In 2018, added than 10 actor tourists visited this burghal of 380,000. During the sun-scorched summer season, movement through the chock-full centermost slows to a backward crawl. Recently, the burghal began instituting measures to abbreviate the impacts of accumulation tourism — fines for snacking on assertive streets, an adorning #EnjoyRespectFirenze amusing media attack — but Florence’s acceptance shows no signs of abating.

For a glimpse of Renaissance celebrity with a bit added breath room, attending about 50 afar west to the burghal of Lucca.

Situated beside the Serchio River in northwestern Tuscany, Lucca is conceivably best accepted for its well-preserved burghal walls. Forming a absolute arena about the center, the Renaissance-era barricade was afterwards adapted into a accessible park: a abounding two-and-a-half-mile animated allée with angle beyond blooming ramparts and adobe rooftops. Already a affluent hub of the cottony trade, this handsome boondocks has served as a accomplishments in films and television shows, from “The Portrait of a Lady,” to a memorable “Top Gear” segment, amid abounding others.

But below the camera-ready bluff are charms both cultural and culinary.

On the menu, you’ll acquisition eggy beginning pasta with aerial ragù — or bigger yet, summer truffles — and raisin-studded cakes accepted as buccellato. (One aliment biographer declared the bounded cuisine the best in Tuscany.)

Music is additionally axial in this academician city, the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini. In account of the composer, concerts are staged nightly from March through October at the Abbey of San Giovanni, and ambit from affectionate recitals to abounding agreeable performances. In summer, melodies waft through the boondocks from Piazza Napoleone, which hosts the Lucca Summer Festival, an anniversary alfresco concert series. This summer’s edition, from June 28 to July 29, appearance Macklemore, Janelle Monáe, Elton John and Sting, amid others.

Lucca’s accurate appeal, however, lies not in its architect and shows, but in its circadian pleasures. It’s in the aboriginal affirmation of hazelnut gelato from Cremeria Opera, an artisanal gelateria that ranks amid Italy’s best. It’s in the air-conditioned breeze while pedaling a busy bike aloft the burghal walls. And it’s in an black aperitivo on Piazza San Michele, area the appearance — the arresting Romanesque Abbey of San Michele in Foro and its 12th-century alarm belfry — invites abiding over a additional Campari spritz.

It’s additionally in a simple bowl of tordelli lucchese, a meat-stuffed pasta smothered with compact ragù that’s on the card at every bounded trattoria anniversary its name. It’s in an black passeggiata forth age-old stone-paved alleys. And it’s in an aboriginal morning aloft Torre Guinigi, a 14th-century brick-and-stone belfry with seven oak copse growing from its rooftop.

From there, the appearance is archetypal Tuscany: adobe rooftops as far as the eye can see. True, there may not be a atypical battleground to ballast the scene, like the Duomo in Florence. But Lucca, with its scattering of medieval building affected by the blooming slopes of the Apennine Mountains, is an adorable alternative.

Ingrid K. Williams

Correction: June 14, 2019An beforehand adaptation of this commodity included anachronous advice about the American Embassy in The Hague. It was aforetime amid abutting to the architectonics Escher in Het Paleis, but has aback confused to addition location.

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