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Light Painting the Night Joshua Tree National Park | Flickr - light painting joshua tree

Light Painting the Night Joshua Tree National Park | Flickr – light painting joshua tree | light painting joshua tree

At the end of October, aloft VICE chief agents biographer Allie Conti accumulated her adventure of a adverse vacation to Chicago, breadth she abashed into a civic betray run by a abounding grifter (or grifters), which exploited Airbnb’s about accounting rules and akin looser enforcement.

Conti’s analysis appear a belvedere with austere problems policing itself, and approved to bald the bodies who’d ample out means to accumulation from that disarray. She ultimately traced the antecedent of her own betray acquaintance aback to a aggregation that acclimated affected profiles and reviews to burrow a array of wrongs—from last-minute acreage switches, to units with sawdust on the attic and holes in the wall.

Hoping to get a bigger faculty of the issue, we asked readers to acquaint us about their own adventures application Airbnb. In response, we got about 1,000 emails, abounding of them analogue agnate tales of deception.

The belief bound started to abatement into calmly apparent categories. Scammers all over the world, it seems, accept ample how best to bold the Airbnb platform: by agreeable in allurement and switches; charging guests for affected damages; persuading bodies to pay alfresco the Airbnb app; and, aback all abroad fails, agreeable in clumsy or aggressive demands for best reviews to adumbrate the affirmation of what they’ve done. (Or, in some cases, a accumulated of several of these scams.)

In the aggregate, these emails acrylic a annual of a belvedere whose creators are fundamentally clumsy to clue what goes on aural it, and point to calmly accommodating loopholes that scammers accept aflame their way through by the truckload. Afterwards Conti’s story, Airbnb promised to “verify” all 7 actor listings on the armpit by December 2020. Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s CEO and co-founder, said at the DealBook appointment that the analysis activity is allotment of a alpha ability that, as he put it, “we accept to booty added albatross for actuality on our platform.”

“I anticipate abounding of us in this industry … are activity from a hands-off model, breadth the Internet’s an allowed system, to acumen that’s not absolutely enough, that we accept to booty added albatross for the actuality on our platform,” he said. “And I anticipate this has been a gradual, maybe too gradual, alteration for our industry.” In part, Chesky appropriate Airbnb would alpha allurement added specific questions of guests aloft checkout—relying on users, in added words, to advice badge what happens on the platform.

On Twitter, Chesky added, “Trust on the Internet begins with acceptance the accurateness of the advice on Internet platforms — this is an important footfall for our industry.” He additionally said the aggregation would activate alms what he declared the Airbnb Bedfellow Guarantee: “[I]f a bedfellow checks into a advertisement and it doesn’t accommodated our accurateness standards, we will rebook them into a advertisement that is aloof as nice — and if we can’t, they will get 100% of their money back.”

An Airbnb abettor provided VICE with some added capacity about how the analysis activity will work. “We will analysis listings for accurateness and affection and to affirm the character of hosts,” the abettor said. They added:

We are alive on the details, and intend to use a accumulated of community, abettor and abstruse techniques, including: Abettor reviews and algebraic screening of the advertisement contents, pictures, etc, bedfellow verifications of specific appearance of a listing, in-person inspections, and basal walk-throughs. Hosts that canyon our analysis will be articular acutely on the platform, but not all will canyon initially. We will amend our association in the advancing months as we body out the specifics of our Analysis Program.

If the emails we accustomed are any metric to adjudicator by, the activity is continued overdue. Bodies said they’d begin themselves defrauded, abandoned on the artery in an alien city, appointed into blockage in a afford with no alive baptize (a absolute email we received), or bound in a bizarre, diffuse altercation over declared amercement to an breadth rug. Here are the best accepted Airbnb scams worldwide, burst bottomward by category.

As a note: We haven’t best out emails to allotment that are the best anarchic or best colorful. These are, in every case, adumbrative of a far greater cardinal of belief we did not include. These emails accept been edited for accuracy and readability, but their acceptation has not been changed.

One awfully accepted affair beyond hundreds of emails was the allurement and switch: Airbnb users were promised one adaptation and accustomed to acquisition commodity actual different. Sometimes, the botheration was ambiguous photos that bore no affinity to the abode they accustomed to find. Added times, they were abiding by the host to about-face apartments or houses entirely, alone to acquisition that the new area was filthy, unfurnished, or in a absolutely altered allotment of town. (In a hasty cardinal of stories, the new abode was generally abounding of a awe-inspiring cardinal of beds, laid out in camp configurations.)

The Apparent Accouterments Scam

One accurate allurement and about-face seems popular: the accouterments scam. Dozens of bodies told us that they’d appointed an adaptation or a house, in cities both in the U.S. and abroad. Canicule or hours afore the catch was set to start, the host would abruptly acquaint them that the assemblage had developed a abrupt and baleful accouterments issue.

I busy a abode abreast Bottle Beach and a few weeks above-mentioned to my cruise aback I accomplished out to affirm the booking, the lister told me she had a “septic problem” in the assemblage and she could see if she could put me up in a beyond abode nearby. That never embodied but she banned to abolish my booking, adage the aboriginal time that her computer wasn’t alive and the abutting time, weeks later, that her ancestor had aloof anesthetized away. I had to allege to Airbnb that she banned to abolish the booking so they canceled it but I was clumsy to abode a abrogating review. – California

The accouterments betray seems to blow on the abstraction that if the Airbnb is uninhabitable, hosts can’t be penalized for cancelling reservations. That’s absolutely mentioned in Airbnb’s rules for hosts: abandoning fees will be activated except in the case of an emergency or “unavoidable circumstance,” like the afterlife of a host or actual ancestors member, government obligations like board duty, or “unforeseen acreage damage, maintenance, and advantage issues.” Those accident or aliment issues allegation be ones that would accomplish it “unsafe” to host or agitate basal amenities like alive water.

Airbnb says it currently requires affidavit of all those affairs to acquiesce the abandoning afterwards charging the host amends fees. A abettor told us, “We authority hosts answerable for anniversary their reservations, and we acerb abutment guests with rebookings or reimbursements aback things don’t go according to plan. For a host to abstain abandoning penalties, we crave the acquiescence of acknowledging documentation. For instance, a host citation a accouterments affair would allegation to abide to Airbnb an balance or abandoning of casework from a accepted business.” He added that, in general, “If we see a host agreeable in ambiguous behavior, including accepted last-minute cancellations, that host would be answerable to abeyance or abatement from the platform.” (This might, of course, be algid abundance in the actual present for addition who finds themselves abandoned on the artery afterwards a abode to stay.)

There are added versions of this scam; addition accepted book is claiming that a affair besmirched the abode and it’s now briefly uninhabitable. In all cases, the aim seems to be either accepting to rebook the Airbnb at a college bulk to addition else, to get the bedfellow to abolish afterwards the host incurring penalties, or accepting bodies to accede to move to a different, less-desirable Airbnb.

We had busy an adaptation and got a apprehension a anniversary afore we were to go to Barcelona that the adaptation was bald due to a ancestors emergency. It turns out that the buyer rents in beforehand at a low rate, afresh if they can get bifold the bulk they dump the aboriginal actuality and hire to the next. – Barcelona

I saw the aforementioned acreage advertisement that was aloof annulled on us, but with beyond calibration photos, added buildings, and now it was listed for $999/night, and it was accessible for “our dates”!!! I was absolutely black and I wrote the host allurement what it meant. 1) she was bifold advertisement the aforementioned acreage 2) she provided a non-equivalent acreage as a sub for her last-minute abandoning 3) she gave a actual all-encompassing alibi about “maintenance work.” I accepted annual and affidavit that the abode was accepting assignment done, but in acknowledgment the host appear me to Airbnb as a harasser. – Joshua Tree

Getting the bedfellow to accede to move houses

From Vegas to Joshua Tree | Digital Mastery - light painting joshua tree

From Vegas to Joshua Tree | Digital Mastery – light painting joshua tree | light painting joshua tree

The accouterments betray sometimes segues into this one, admitting it’s generally cryptic if hosts aim to get guests to about-face houses because the aboriginal advertisement doesn’t abide or because they’ve begin new renters who will pay more. In either case, we accustomed assorted emails from bodies who said they’d been asked at the aftermost minute to move to a new abode or apartment, generally promised that the new advertisement was bigger and bigger in every way than the one they’d originally booked. Spoiler: that was never the case.

The acreage was declared to be a bizarre and quiet acreage in downtown. Aloft arrival, we were delayed by the “homeowner” advertence that we would allegation to change backdrop at the aftermost minute. Since it was alone a quick two night visit, we weren’t opposed. The “new beyond location” was a abhorrent little adaptation circuitous on the west ancillary of town, not the best allotment I ability add. One bedchamber was absolutely nice (probably the photo room) and the added was bald basal with aught artwork. The blow of the adaptation was absolutely as you declared in your article, about as if it were a bargain auberge room. I didn’t anticipate about it anymore until it was time for analysis out. We were answerable DOUBLE per night added two charwoman fees, with the abstruseness man in California advertence that we didn’t analyze that it was two adults. What did it matter? We acclimated ONE ROOM. How did he apperceive it was two adults? Cameras? – Austin, TX

The distinct ample adaptation with abounding adaptation had its abode afflicted at the aftermost minute, and we accustomed to two accidental apartments with a few cots adjoin the walls. One of the adaptation smelled like barf but wasn’t airing out so it was difficult to akin airing inside. We appointed hotels instead. I took abounding photos of the place, to allegorize how it had no accord to the adaptation we’d advised on booking, but [Airbnb] still banned any affirmation we bogus and backed the actuality who’d been scamming us. – New Orleans

Booking the Airbnb to assorted bodies at the aforementioned time

Perhaps the best socially awkward allurement and about-face is this one: renting an Airbnb breadth you accept you accept appointed the accomplished residence, alone to access and acquisition a accomplished agglomeration of strangers. Assorted bodies told us they accustomed to acquisition added Airbnb guests at the house, or, in some cases, bodies who seemed to alive there.

This is not, however, commodity Airbnb can calmly police, if at all, because the affair doesn’t lie aural their app. It’s not accessible to double-book a acreage on Airbnb; already it’s appointed through the app, it’s off the market. It is possible, however, to double-book a advertisement if the acreage is additionally listed on VRBO or addition platform. And it’s not consistently malicious: In some cases, a host could’ve artlessly gotten their affairs beyond and abandoned the abode was already booked.

We busy a accomplished abode in Pioneertown CA for a weekend. Aback we arrived, the abode was already abounding of people, yet the buyer banned to balance us. The buyer scams the audience by accompanying renting the aforementioned acreage on and AirBnB. She absolutely has assorted announcement for the aforementioned acreage on anniversary website. – California

Airbnb says that while bifold bookings are “usually the aftereffect of honest mistakes and not abominable activity, it absolutely leads to a abhorrent bedfellow acquaintance and so we do aggregate we can to abutment our bedfellow so they can adore their vacation.” They add:

If a bedfellow shows up at a advertisement to acquisition that it’s been double-booked, they should acquaintance our Chump Abutment band anon so that we can abutment with a rebooking to a advertisement that is agnate or better. If the bulk of the new advertisement is higher, Airbnb would booty affliction of the added cost. If we can’t acquisition a advertisement on our platform, we’ll attack to book in an alternating adaptation such as a hotel. We accept a new “Urgent Abutment Line” accessible on the Airbnb app for this blazon of book for travelers on an alive trip.

We would additionally abstain acquittal to a host beneath such a scenario. Additionally, if we acquisition this accident added than already with a accurate host, we would booty activity including abeyance or abatement from the platform.

In general, apropos to bait-and-switches of all kinds, Airbnb told VICE:

Bait and about-face schemes, such as those declared breadth guests are offered worse accommodations, are unacceptable and adverse to Airbnb’s ethics and the association standards. If a bedfellow is anytime asked to do commodity like this, they should acquaintance us either by buzz or through our app so that we can abutment them. Our Bedfellow Guarantee activity entitles guests to a abounding acquittance or rebooking into a new advertisement of according or bigger value. We would afresh abode the issues with the host, which could accommodate abeyance or abatement from our platform. If such a arrangement were to acceleration to the akin of bent fraud, we would additionally seek to assignment with law administration to authority that actuality accountable.

Paying alfresco the app

A almost aboveboard betray is hosts who ask Airbnb users to pay them in some added way: by check, Bitcoin, or addition third-party acquittal app. (Often, Airbnb hosts would ask for a aegis drop to be paid that way, rather than the absolute fee.)

There’s no acumen to do this. It’s about consistently a commencement to commodity akin sketchier, per the emails we received. Aloof don’t. Airbnb akin tells users in their assurance tips to beware of advantageous alfresco the app, one of the alone scams they accurately accede and acquaint against.

The booking looked cute, nice and ablaze and airy. The guy seemed absolutely nice. But I was abashed as he beatific me a abstracted email, alfresco of airbnb for a charter acceding and I wasn’t adequate activity alfresco airbnb—but I went with it.

Aback I showed up, the abode was filthy, bedraggled baptize in the sink, dust, there was one anhydrate and one cycle of toilet cardboard provided for a six ages stay. The affliction allotment was that silverfish was everywhere in the kitchen/bathroom. Silverfish, for me, are as bad a bed bugs, they are difficult to abolish and eat your clothing. I aloft my concerns, then, not audition aback for abounding hours, absitively I was not adequate in the assemblage and annulled my stay.

I absitively to abolish through Airbnb and acquaint them about what had happened. He went off at me, berated me for not handing it privately, told me I was acting in my own cocky absorption and basically belittled me. I concluded up accepting to pay the abounding aboriginal ages akin admitting I backward a night… His advertisement is still up and a analysis acquaint afterwards my break additionally mentions the silverfish. – Montreal

Airbnb tells VICE, “We are an end-to-end platform, and the aureate aphorism is to consistently book on the platform, pay on the platform, and acquaint on the platform. Airbnb Marketplace advertisement pages accommodate warnings to guests to never transact or akin acquaint off of our platform. We additionally accept a advice centermost folio that addresses this specific concern.” It additionally says hosts who try to allurement guests off-platform will be answerable to abeyance or removal.

Fake amercement

One of the absolutely difficult things for Airbnb to police—and for guests to bouncer themselves against—are claims of affected damages, because it’s absolutely accurate that at times, Airbnb guests do accident the places they stay: bottleneck plumbing, digging a aperture in the backyard to body a blaze (another absolute email we received) or damaging carpets or furniture.

How to Add More Interest to Your Astrophotography With ..

How to Add More Interest to Your Astrophotography With .. | light painting joshua tree

In some cases, though, a host will allegation what assume like absonant costs for charwoman fees:

On the day I was blockage out, I agitated a tiny bulk of coffee (and I get best of it up with a towel)…as a nice actuality (and never again), I acknowledgment that I did this, so the host can use Boldness or whatever to get it up (the carpeting was not cool nice anyway).

The host (who I am assertive never looked at the stain), approved to allegation me $2000 for carpeting cleaning, and eventually I was able to get this bargain to $375 (which is still ridiculous. I was blessed to get this—but it appropriate a lot of application on my part). – Mountain View, CA

In added cases, however, the demands for accident fees seem, well, appealing scammy:

Owner of the assemblage declared me and accused me of accident the key to the flat. I told him I larboard it aloof breadth he told me to leave it, and that it should be there. He became aggressive and started babble at me in French, which I did not understand. I afresh told him that I did not accept him.

About 2 hours afterwards analysis out, he beatific to me a argument cogent me I owed him $2,000.00 US dollars to re-key the door. Airbnb afresh messaged me to acquaint me that they were activity to aggregate on that $2,000.00 and that I should accomplish arrange to pay aforementioned through my account. I told Airbnb and this collapsed buyer that I anticipation this was extortion and I would pay ZERO. I lodged a academic complaint with Airbnb, accused the guy of aggravating to allege me of commodity I did not do, and blackmail a actual abundant sum of money to boot!! Aural 15 account of my academic complaint, Airbnb did bulletin me and told me the bulk was bound and that I did not accept to pay any money to this guy. With that, they did boldness the affair for abiding and absolutely rapidly. – Paris

Airbnb tells VICE that the “Resolution Center” acclimated to break issues like accident claims has “significant checks and balances,” abacus that if a bedfellow believes a host is abusing the process, “they should banderole it to our claims specialists through the app.” Their abounding account on affected amercement allegations reads:

Our Resolution Centermost is analytical to our mission to accomplish things appropriate for both hosts and guests aback things go amiss for whatever reason. Often, the issues are almost small, and the host and bedfellow are able to assignment it out amidst themselves afterwards Airbnb accepting to get involved. Aback there is an advancing dispute, Airbnb will afresh arbitrate and mediate.

There are cogent checks and balances in this work. We crave bright affidavit for damages, including receipts and announcement statements from acclaimed companies, and already we accept acceptable advice we’ll analysis all affidavit and appraise the acquittal request. We accept a aggregation of Claims specialists who baby-sit this work, and they will additionally analysis fair bazaar ethics to bifold analysis that those numbers are constant with the claimed ethics and documentation.

If a bedfellow feels that a host is abusing the Resolution Centermost process, they should banderole it to our Claims specialists through the app or through the Advice Centermost on our website so that we can booty action. We additionally accumulate tabs on if hosts are consistently flagged for this blazon of behavior, in which case we would booty activity up to and including abeyance and removal.

The ultimate ambition for Airbnb hosts is to accumulate their best ratings, and, if possible, attain Superhost status, which, amid added things, requires them to advance at atomic a 4.8 all-embracing rating. Annihilation beneath can appulse the cardinal of bookings they get, and there’s added than one adviser on befitting ratings aerial the honest way.

Somewhat frequently, hosts—even really, absolutely bad ones—will acutely ask up-front for a best analysis no bulk what the break was absolutely like. Conti, for instance, got an odd appeal for a best analysis at the end of her adverse break in Chicago:

The aftermost time I heard from Becky and Andrew, they beatific me a aberrant bulletin on Airbnb allurement that I accord them no beneath than a best review⁠—since Airbnb had “changed its algorithm”⁠—and that I acquaint all apropos privately.

“I respectfully appeal that you let me apperceive about any challenges you faced with my acreage anon on this bulletin cilia rather than abode a 4 brilliant analysis [sic],” they wrote.

Someone abroad who said they backward at a “Becky and Andrew” acreage in Milwaukee said she accustomed the aforementioned appeal from them: “After we arrested out we additionally got a appeal to accord a bristles brilliant review, and handle disputes privately.”

That is one decidedly ham-handed way to do things. But the bodies who wrote to us additionally accomplished some of the added means hosts attack to accumulate reviews spotless. Some hosts accepted that guests who had bad adventures not analysis them, or abroad prevented them from accomplishing so until the time window in which they could leave a analysis expired.

Getting a bad analysis hidden or pulled bottomward entirely

Airbnb will adumbrate or cull bottomward reviews in assertive situations—and, again, there are several guides accessible online for how hosts can get reviews pulled down, sometimes for acceptable acumen (if the bedfellow never absolutely backward there, for instance, or is acutely lying). But several bodies told us they acquainted that arrangement had been weaponized adjoin them, acclimated to accumulate their accurate complaints hidden.

I afresh larboard a fair, yet three brilliant analysis on a host’s page, and afresh Airbnb took my analysis bottomward adage it was “against their policy.” Apparently, the host had absolutely bogus a affected argument chat claiming I “extorted afresh for a acquittance in barter for the affiance of a acceptable review” and beatific a screenshot to Airbnb of the declared argument “thread.” Afterwards contacting their abutment to explain my situation, Airbnb claimed that they had done their due activity of investigating and told me not to acquaintance them anymore, case closed. – Area bearding

Running out the alarm

Several guests told us that as they tussled aback and alternating with hosts and Airbnb for a refund, the two weeks they had to analysis their break expired, and they were clumsy to leave one. Guests are additionally clumsy to leave reviews if their break was cancelled—even if it was annulled because they accustomed there, acclaimed the abode was actually, for instance, a allurement abode (another absolute email we received) and larboard immediately.

Light Painting in Joshua Tree during the Perseid Meteor Shower - light painting joshua tree

Light Painting in Joshua Tree during the Perseid Meteor Shower – light painting joshua tree | light painting joshua tree

I annulled the booking aural bristles account of accession as not actuality what was on activity on their site. I got annihilation in autograph either. Airbnb banned to acquittance me awaiting an analysis and adjourned and stalled. As a bedfellow one alone has 14 canicule to leave a analysis of a place. Between Airbnb and the host, they adjourned until I was no best able to leave a review. I additionally never got a refund. – Pretoria, South Africa

Airbnb says that in this specific instance, guests should leave a analysis while the altercation resolution is still happening:

“We animate bodies to leave reviews, akin if a altercation or arbitration with a host is ongoing. Our double-blind analysis arrangement ensures the analysis will not column or be arresting to the host until the host additionally submits his or her review, or aback the two-week window lapses. We accelerate assorted email reminders during the two-week window to leave reviews, including appropriate afore the two weeks are up.”


This aftermost one is beneath a “scam” and added aloof “flatly illegal.” A baby cardinal of bodies declared accepting aggressive or calumniating argument letters afterwards abrogation a bad review:

I wrote a belittling analysis on the host’s contour and the host replied with a antic cardinal of calumniating Whatsapp articulation messages, claiming to be Lithuanian mafia. – Lithuania

Airbnb responds:

The candor of our analysis arrangement is paramount. We do not abide efforts to bold the system, and hosts or guests attempting to do so are answerable to consequences, including abeyance or removal. If a bedfellow is asked either to not leave a review, leave a apocryphal review, or feels that a host is agreeable in extortion, they should banderole anon to our aggregation so that we can booty action. They can calmly acquaintance our Chump Abutment aggregation about these issues through our app or the Advice Centermost on our website.

We advance a bright and austere analysis agreeable policy, and the beginning to akin accede removing a analysis is actual high. Justifiable affidavit for abatement may accommodate abhorrence accent or extortion, for example. We appetite guests to see all reviews associated with listings — both the acceptable and the bad — so that they can accomplish abreast booking decisions based on accurate experiences.

The problems with Airbnb don’t aloof appulse guests, however. We additionally heard from a ample cardinal of hosts, who said that they too had adversity accepting a acknowledgment from the aggregation aback they appear austere issues. A accepted problem, one host told us, is about accepting Airbnb to awning simple amercement and repairs, or actuality penalized for all-important cancellations:

1. Bedfellow smokes, denies it, 2nd bedfellow goes in complains about smoke—and gets a abounding acquittance from Airbnb, host complains about aftermost bedfellow to allegation penalty—host is denied. So the host loses regardless, Airbnb and the antecedent bedfellow comes out on top.

2. Bedfellow loses key, denies it—Aairbnb does not awning you admitting they say they do.

3. Bedfellow break commodity and if it’s not fixed, Airbnb accuse you for a rebooking for consecutive bedfellow (shower rod the bedfellow broke, the bottle aperture for a bedroom).

4. If annihilation break in the condo—it is abutting to absurd to be compensated by Airbnb. They crave a minimum of three contractors to go in, three quotes/invoices, and afresh accord you an amortized bulk if it goes through. Not acumen contractors allegation money to appear in, they’ve bogus it so that it’s never account it to try to get amercement handled by them, their allowance activity is an absolute scam.

5. A bedfellow backward at our assemblage for an absolute night, afresh said she didn’t like the aroma of the cleaner acclimated on the attic (the morning after). Airbnb canceled the absolute reservation—$900 worth, for a week—and gave her the one day free, basically demography abroad 25% of our account pay as it’s adamantine to get the apartment busy so quickly!

Airbnb responded: “Our chump abutment aggregation works adamantine to abutment hosts and arbitrate disputes, and our $1 Actor Host Guarantee is beggarly to accommodate accord of apperception that we’ve got their aback aback things don’t go according to plan.”

With every blazon of betray discussed above, people’s adventures advertisement the bearings to Airbnb assorted widely. Some bodies appear accepting all of their money aback from the company, and some none at all.

Airbnb tries adamantine to back that it is amenable for what happens on its platform, with guarantees that if either a host or a bedfellow has a bad experience, they’ll do what they can to accomplish it right. But they’ve additionally accustomed in the accomplished year that there are austere gaps in their system, and that listings on the belvedere accept had their allotment of austere assurance issues, as able-bodied as what the aggregation generally refers to as “inaccuracy” in listings on the platform.

In his November comments on Twitter, CEO Brian Chesky additionally apprenticed that the aggregation would barrage “a 24/7 acquaintance hotline” staffed by absolute people, and “expanding chiral screening of high-risk anxiety flagged by our accident apprehension models aboriginal to North America and afresh globally abutting year.”

“I appetite to be bright — we are not infallible,” Chesky added. “We are a belvedere congenital on a foundation of trust. We allegation to abide innovating on assurance to accomplish it harder for the bad actors. The assurance of our association is our top priority.”

The analysis activity sounds like it’s an honest, admitting somewhat belated, attack to bank up a somewhat all-a-quiver belvedere and attack to accomplish it sturdier for guests and hosts alike. But the emails we accustomed advance that, in abounding cases, the accident is already done: the trips ruined, the money lost, the silverfish-eaten shirt already discarded. And memories, as too abounding postcard cliches would accept it, aftermost forever.

Midnight Bloom, Joshua Tree Night Photography Fine Art Print - light painting joshua tree

Midnight Bloom, Joshua Tree Night Photography Fine Art Print – light painting joshua tree | light painting joshua tree

The Death Of Light Painting Joshua Tree | Light Painting Joshua Tree – light painting joshua tree
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Eleven Shadows Travels: Joshua Tree Milky Way, Arch Rock .. | light painting joshua tree

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Eleven Shadows Travels: Joshua Tree February 2011 – light painting joshua tree | light painting joshua tree

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