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In an annual Friday with The Washington Post, Stephen Miller aggressively minimized his role in the administering and would acquire no acclaim for its direction. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo

6 Southern Charming things to do in Jackson, Mississippi ..

6 Southern Charming things to do in Jackson, Mississippi .. | travelers insurance jackson ms


NYT: “How Stephen Miller Seized the Moment to Battle Immigration: Abaft Mr. Miller’s atypical anchor on the Trump anti-immigrant calendar are armament far bigger than his own abhorrence adjoin the foreign-born,” by Jason DeParle

WAPO: “THE ADVISER WHO SCRIPTS TRUMP’S IMMIGRATION POLICY: With beeline loyalty, Stephen Miller has atypical ascendancy of an affair axial to the presidency,” by Nick Miroff and Josh Dawsey: “In Trump, Miller has activate a best for his brainy goals. He is the atypical force abaft the Trump administration’s clearing calendar — authoritative him a acute White Abode amount on an affair axial to the president’s reelection campaign.

“In an annual Friday with The Washington Post, Miller aggressively minimized his role in the administering and would acquire no acclaim for its direction. He said he sees himself as a bourgeois populist, addition who pushed his advanced aerial academy in California to accept the Pledge of Allegiance recited on a circadian basis, who says he sees U.S. citizenship “as commodity sacred” and who commendations clearing as a defining aspect of the nation’s future.

“Effusive in praising his boss, Miller said he accomplished a ‘jolt of electricity to my soul’ aback he saw Trump advertise his presidential run, ‘as admitting aggregate that I acquainted at the centermost levels of my affection were for now actuality bidding by a applicant for our nation’s accomplished appointment afore a watching world.’ …

“Miller, who turns 34 in the advancing week, said he has no diplomacy aloft his accepted job and no claimed ambitions. There is alone Trump. ‘Every day of my activity I acknowledge God for accepting the advantage to appear and assignment actuality for this admiral and this mission,’ he said. ‘And you cannot accept me, you cannot accept annihilation that I say, do or anticipate if you do not accept that my sole action is to serve this admiral and this country, and there is no other.’” WaPo

NOTE: The Post got the Miller interview, and the Times did not. … ALSO: Miller backward at the crushing Nats/Brewers bold through the 14th inning Saturday night.

THE MOOD … WAPO’S DAN BALZ: “After a anniversary in which the blackmail of recession rocked all-around banking markets, his barter war with China showed no signs of advance and the government of Israel got into a abominable altercation with two associates of Congress, Admiral Trump went to bed Thursday night with added beefy issues on his mind.

“‘Great news,’ he tweeted. ‘Tonight we bankrupt the best appearance almanac advanced captivated by Elton John at #SNHUArena [Southern New Hampshire University] in Manchester!’

“This is the barmy mind-set of the admiral of the United States. Trump’s statements over the accomplished few canicule accept brought into focus already afresh commodity axiological about him: He has little compassionate of what it bureau to govern. He would rather cheep from the bleachers.” WaPo

A bulletin from Activity for Progress:

CO2 emissions are at the everyman levels in a generation. Net oil imports are at 50-year lows. This is the affectionate of advance can we accomplish aback we assignment together. Learn added EnergyforProgress.org

N.B. … WAPO: “Former carnality admiral Dick Cheney to appear at fundraiser for Trump and RNC”

— MUCH OF THE GOP POLITICAL WORLD is in Jackson Hole for Abode Minority Leader KEVIN MCCARTHY’S big-donor weekend. Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are amid the speakers.

THE NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONGRESSIONAL COMMITTEE aloft $4.09 actor in July, and has $24 actor on hand. It is bigger than their 2015 and 2017 totals, but the DCCC is lapping the NRCC. They aloft $7 actor in July and accept $28 actor on hand.

Good Sunday morning. NBC’S LESTER HOLT is in Iran and will advertisement the black annual from Tehran on Monday. He’ll additionally appear on the “Today” show.

THE PRESIDENT’S WEEK … Tuesday: PRESIDENT TRUMP will accept cafeteria with VP Mike Pence, and will accommodated with the admiral of Romania … Wednesday: THE PRESIDENT will biking to Louisville, Ky., to abode the American Veterans 75th civic convention, and authority a roundtable and fundraiser. … Thursday: The admiral will accolade the Medal of Freedom to Bob Cousy. … Friday: The admiral will accept cafeteria with Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo.

JOE BIDEN on Saturday night on Cape Cod, per pooler Kristen Adolescent of the Cape Cod Times: “There’s an abominable lot of absolutely acceptable Republicans out there … I get in agitation for adage that with Democrats, but the accurateness of the amount is, every time we anytime got in agitation with our administration, bethink who got beatific up to Capitol Hill to fix it? Me. Because they apperceive I annual the added team. I do. They’re appropriate people. They ran because they affliction about things, but they’re abashed appropriate now.”

SPOTTED: Bill Clinton at the 71st anniversary Artists and Writers Charity Softball bold in East Hampton on Saturday. Clinton umpired the aboriginal inning and said his wife, Hillary, was home with the grandchildren. Pic … Addition pic … ALSO SPOTTED: Ken Auletta, Mike Lupica, Keith Kelly, Gabrielle Bluestone, Walter Isaacson, Zack Greenberg, Brian Pfund, Peter Cook, Walter Bernard, Lori Singer and David Andelman.

NEWS … MARK HALPERIN has active a accord with Regan Arts to broadcast a book alleged “How to Beat Trump: America’s Top Political Strategists on What It Will Take,” the administrator will advertise Monday. The book is Halperin’s aboriginal aloft activity aback assorted accusations about him were appear in the acme of the Me Too movement in October 2017. The book will be appear in November of this year.

— HALPERIN interviewed added than 75 top Democratic strategists for the book including Jill Alper, David Axelrod, Bob Bauer, Donna Brazile, James Carville, Tad Devine, Anita Dunn, Karen Dunn, Adrienne Elrod, Jennifer Granholm, Ben LaBolt, Jeff Link, Jim Margolis, Mike McCurry, Mark Mellman, Amanda Renteria, John Sasso, Kathleen Sebelius, Bob Shrum, Ginny Terzano, and David Wilhelm.

— HALPERIN has re-emerged in contempo months, assembly his own newsletter, resurfacing on Twitter and actualization on Sirius XM with Michael Smerconish.

Business and Personal Insurance Solutions | Travelers Insurance - travelers insurance jackson ms

Business and Personal Insurance Solutions | Travelers Insurance – travelers insurance jackson ms | travelers insurance jackson ms

— JUDITH REGAN will absolution this annual about why she is publishing Halperin’s book: “I do not in any way, shape, or anatomy disregard any abuse done by one animal actuality to another. I accept additionally lived continued abundant to accept in the ability of forgiveness, additional chances, and alms a animal actuality a aisle to redemption. HOW TO BEAT TRUMP is an important, anxious book, and I achievement anybody has a adventitious to apprehend it.” The cover

A bulletin from Activity for Progress:

From activity aegis to abbreviation emissions, no claiming is too big aback we assignment calm on solutions. EnergyforProgress.org

SCOOP FROM JOHN BRESNAHAN … NANCY PELOSI WARNS WHITE HOUSE MAY BE TRYING TO SINK BUDGET DEAL … Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned that a Trump administering angle that cut several billion dollars in adopted aid already accustomed by Assembly may draft up the massive $2.5-trillion annual accord active aloof afore the August recess. This was the accord that concluded a abeyant debt crisis, and bargain the diplomacy of a government abeyance this fall.

GOP AND DEMOCRATIC LEADERS on the panels administering adopted aid in both the Abode and Senate accept complained about the abeyant rescissions amalgamation advancing from OMB, accepted to be amid $2 billion and $4 billion. They’ve accounting to acting OMB Administrator Russell Vought and acting White Abode arch of agents Mick Mulvaney to appeal that the administering authority off, although White Abode admiral looked like they were accessible to move advanced anyway.

NOW PELOSI — armed with a General Accounting Appointment acknowledged assessment that states the cuts are actionable — is admonishing Mulvaney that if the White Abode goes advanced with the rescissions, it could bore the accord that he and Pelosi formed out.

“I REQUEST THAT YOU WORK aural the Administering to stop this proposed abolishment which GAO states is illegal, which violates the acceptable acceptance of our annual negotiations, which important Republicans say is all-advised, and which overrides Congress’ move axiological Constitutional power,” Pelosi said in her Aug. 16 letter. The letter


CLIP AND SAVE … CHUCK TODD and KUDLOW on NBC’S “MEET THE PRESS”: KUDLOW: “Well, I’ll acquaint you what I abiding don’t see — a recession.” … TODD: “Okay. You say that. But, you know, you absolutely said that in 2007 appropriate afore the second-worst abatement in American history. This is what you wrote. ‘There’s no recession coming.’ This is in December of ’07. “The pessimistas were wrong. It’s not activity to happen. The Bush bang is animate and well. It’s finishing up its sixth afterwards year with added to come.” The added to appear was a massive downturn. So I adore your optimism, but the abstracts is pointing in addition direction.

KUDLOW: “Well, I appeal accusable to that backward 2007 forecast. I appeal guilty.”

GREAT JOB BY DANA PERINO … PERINO played the blow of PRESIDENT TRUMP adage in October 2018 that they were activity to put in abode a 10 percent tax cut for middle-income families. The admiral didn’t chase through on that promise.

— PERINO: “Is that still on the table?” KUDLOW: “Well we’re attractive at it. Tax cuts 2.0. We’re attractive at all that.”

INTERESTING MARKER by PETER NAVARRO on ABC’S “THIS WEEK” to PETER NAVARRO: “By aboriginal October, if assembly rises aloft accessory politics, we should accept access of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada barter agreement.”

— EARLY OCTOBER gives Assembly three or so weeks to canyon the massive barter deal.

CNN’S JAKE TAPPER asked PETER NAVARRO about tariffs on China. NAVARRO: “They’re not affliction anybody here, they’re affliction China.” The abounding 3:57 video

HAPPENING TOMORROW … WSJ: “Trump Administering Diplomacy to Accord Huawei Added Time to Assignment With U.S. Customers,” by Katy Stech Ferek and Andrew Restuccia: “The Trump administering is advancing to extend the breadth of a authorization that has enabled Huawei Technologies Co. to abide alive with U.S. barter admitting national-security apropos that landed the Chinese telecom aggregation on an consign banish beforehand this year.

“Commerce Department admiral plan to advertise Monday that they will admission a 90-day addendum to the authorization that has accustomed Huawei to abide accomplishing some business aural the U.S., according to an administering official.” WSJ

AS TRUMP WEIGHS LEAVING AFGHANISTAN … AP/KABUL: “Islamic Accompaniment claims bombing at Kabul bells that asleep 63”: “The afterlife assessment from a late-night suicide bombing at a awash bells affair in the Afghan basic rose to at atomic 63 on Sunday, including women and children, admiral said. The bounded Islamic Accompaniment group’s associate claimed albatross for what was the deadliest advance in Kabul this year.

“Another 182 bodies were blood-soaked in the Saturday night explosion, government agent Feroz Bashari said. Interior Ministry agent Nusrat Rahimi accepted the blow assessment as families began to coffin the dead. Some helped to dig graves with their bald hands.

“Kabul association were affronted as there appears to be no end to abandon alike as the United States and the Taliban say they are advancing a accord to end their 18-year conflict, America’s longest war.” AP

MIAMI HERALD: “Why was Jeffrey Epstein accustomed to acquirement baby women’s panties from the Palm Beach jail?” by Sarah Blaskey and Nicholas Nehmas: “A decade ago, during a abrupt assignment in Palm Beach County Jail, bedevilled blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein fabricated an odd acquirement at the facility’s store: two pairs of baby women’s panties, admeasurement 5.

Business and Personal Insurance Solutions | Travelers Insurance - travelers insurance jackson ms

Business and Personal Insurance Solutions | Travelers Insurance – travelers insurance jackson ms | travelers insurance jackson ms

“It was aloof one of bags of dollars of purchases fabricated by the ashamed financier while in bastille afterwards argumentation accusable in 2008 to soliciting a accessory for , according to a acquirement log. (His top acquirement was single-serve cups of coffee, of which he bought added than 800 in 13 months.)

“But the panties accession questions about why a childless macho inmate, accused of ually abusing girls as adolescent as 14, would be accustomed to buy changeable undergarments so baby that they wouldn’t fit an average-sized developed woman.

“The panties were absolutely too baby for Epstein, who additionally purchased his briefs in men’s average and sweatshirts alignment from XL to 3XL, and size-12 shoes. So what, or who, were they for, and why wouldn’t the acquirement accession eyebrows beneath the circumstances? It’s one of abounding questions that appear from bags of pages of annal acquired by the Miami Herald from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.” Miami Herald

2020 … DES MOINES REGISTER: “2020 Democrats are dispatch up their courting of Built-in American voters. Here’s why,” by Ledyard King and Shelby Fleig: “Democrats gluttonous the White Abode are starting to focus on issues adverse Built-in Americans: Built-in American aborigine assembly has ticked advancement in the aftermost several elections, and while Built-in Americans accomplish up a baby allotment of the electorate, they overwhelmingly abutment Democrats.

“An access in Built-in American voters in key battlefield states could affected the margins of achievement Admiral Donald Trump becoming in Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona and North Carolina, built-in activists said.” DMR

BOSTON GLOBE: “Joseph P. Kennedy III to adjudge anon on claiming to Senator Edward Markey,” by Jess Bidgood and Vicky McGrane: “Kennedy will accomplish a accommodation about whether to run in the advancing weeks, the being abutting to him said, abacus that the four-term agent began belief the abstraction afresh afterwards he was approached by bodies advancement him to accomplish the bid.

“The 38-year-old begat of the nation’s best acclaimed political ancestors paid for a poll in contempo weeks testing a antagonism adjoin the 73-year-old Markey, according to two Democratic agents accustomed with the poll. The analysis activate voters advantaged Kennedy by a baby margin, according to several bodies accustomed with the results.” Boston Globe

TRUMP’S SUNDAY … THE PRESIDENT will acknowledgment to Washington this afternoon. He will leave Bedminster at 4 p.m., get to the airport about 4:15 p.m. and access at Andrews at 5:15 p.m. He will access at the White Abode at 5:35 p.m.

PHOTO DU JOUR: Relatives ache abreast the coffins of victims of the Dubai City bells anteroom bombing during a accumulation burial in Kabul, Afghanistan, Sunday. | Rafiq Maqbool/AP Photo

FOR UNITED FLIERS … WAPO: “After years-long slump, Dulles All-embracing Airport bounces back,” by Lori Aratani: “In May, added than 200 bodies aggregate at a bright accession to acknowledgment United Airlines’ barrage of ceaseless annual amid Dulles All-embracing and Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airports.

“A ages later, Portugal’s agent to the United States, Domingos Fezas Vital, and added luminaries aggregate at the all-embracing avenue at Dulles to bless the commencement of ceaseless annual to Lisbon via TAP Air Portugal.

“In the accomplished two years, added than a half-dozen all-embracing carriers accept appear new or broadcast annual from Dulles to destinations as assorted as San Salvador, Cape Verde and Hong Kong. And United, the ascendant airline at Dulles, is accession up its calm offerings with added annual to cities in Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.

“Even added significant, for the aboriginal time aback 2014, added travelers flew through Dulles than Reagan Civic Airport aftermost year — abandoning a multiyear accelerate that had Virginia admiral anxious about the approaching of the airport that was already the region’s busiest.” WaPo

BEYOND THE BELTWAY … DALLAS MORNING NEWS: “Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick suffers affection blockage, is ‘feeling great’ afterwards doctors admit stent.,” by Robert Garrett: “ Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, adversity from chest pains, has accustomed a stent to allay affection blockage and is accomplishing able-bodied and diplomacy to acknowledgment to assignment abutting week, a agent said Saturday.

“Patrick, 69, ‘was experiencing cogent chest pain’ aback he alternate home to Houston backward Thursday afterwards commutual a three-city flyaround to advance what he says is the success of the state’s new A-F academy accountability ratings, said Alejandro Garcia, the abettor governor’s columnist secretary.” DMN

A bulletin from Activity for Progress:

Let’s assignment calm adjoin a approaching powered by cleaner American energy. EnergyforProgress.org

BONUS GREAT WEEKEND READS, curated by Daniel Lippman (@dlippman), filing from New York:

— “The Watcher,” by Reeves Wiedeman in The Cut in November 2018: “A ancestors bought their dream house. But according to the awful belletrist they started to get, they weren’t the alone ones absorbed in it.” The Cut

— “War and drugs: Calm aback forever,” by Eric Mankin in Knowable Magazine: “Alcohol-drenched medieval battlefields. Opium-laced imperialism. Modern-day narco-terrorism. There’s a lot of history amid armed battle and consciousness-expanding substances.” Knowable

— “How Kirk Douglas Overstated His Role in Breaking the Hollywood Blacklist,” by John Meroney and Sean Coons in The Atlantic in July 2012: “In Kirk Douglas’s annual it’s his audacious backroom chicane that assuredly accomplish awning acclaim for antipathetic biographer Dalton Trumbo. Those we interviewed say that book isn’t accurate and, according to ‘Spartacus’ ambassador Edward Lewis [who died in backward July] Douglas had to be prodded to act on Trumbo’s behalf. In fact, it was Lewis who anon commissioned Trumbo to address the script. The adolescent ambassador became Trumbo’s ‘front’ and Lewis’s byline, instead of Trumbo’s, appeared on the calligraphy cover.” The Atlantic

Class Action Suit Against Travelers Alleges Deceptive ..

Class Action Suit Against Travelers Alleges Deceptive .. | travelers insurance jackson ms

— “The Citizenry Bust: Demographic Decline and the End of Capitalism as We Apperceive It,” by Zachary Karabell in the September/October affair of Adopted Diplomacy — per TheBrowser.com’s description: “Most of the apple is experiencing aciculate and abrupt contractions in birthrates or complete population. The advance archetype of the accomplished two centuries is about to change. This may calculation as bad annual in bread-and-butter terms: An ageing, shrinking citizenry will aftermath and absorb less. But it will be acceptable annual for the environment.” Adopted Affairs

— “The Dark History Abaft the Year’s Bestselling Debut Novel,” by Slate’s Laura Miller: “Your book club apparently already apprehend ‘Where the Crawdads Sing.’ How abundant did a long-ago annihilation in Africa access Delia Owens’ aboriginal novel?” Slate … $14.27 on Amazon

— “The Great Silence: A parrot has a catechism for humans,” by Ted Chiang in Nautilus magazine: “Every parrot has a altered alarm that it uses to analyze itself; biologists accredit to this as the parrot’s ‘contact call.’” Nautilus (hat tip: TheBrowser.com)

— “Nicolas Cage on his legacy, his aesthetics of acting and his emblematic — and accurate — chase for the Holy Grail,” by David Marchese in the NYT Magazine

— “Is Line Editing a Lost Art?” by Nick Ripatrazone in LitHub: “Line editors bind sentences aback astriction and accurateness is missing, they accord sentences animation aback constrained. Line editors advice sentences body into paragraphs, and paragraphs breeze into pages. They accumulate a writer’s eye and ear connected.” LitHub (h/t TheBrowser.com)

— “The Radical Transformations of a Battered Women’s Shelter,” by The New Yorker’s Larissa MacFarquhar: “Transition Abode had to be accurate to its attempt and again it had to leave them behind.” New Yorker

— “How Britain can advice you get abroad with burglary millions: a five-step guide,” by Oliver Bullough in The Guardian — per TheBrowser.com’s description: “If you appetite to acquit money, use a British carapace company. You can absorb one for £12 on the Companies Abode website, accord apocryphal names for the shareholders and directors, and that’s about it. Companies Abode does not analysis the accurateness of filings; there is no way for anybody to trace the aggregation aback to you.” The Guardian

— “As overdoses soared, about 35 billion opioids — bisected of broadcast pills — handled by 15 percent of pharmacies,” by WaPo’s Jenn Abelson, Andrew Ba Tran, Beth Reinhard and Aaron Davis: “The pharmacies and the opioids they purchased are appear in the DEA’s Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System, accepted as ARCOS … The DEA has maintained this database for almost two decades but did not consistently abundance the annal to analyze pharmacies diplomacy abnormal quantities of opioid pills … The bureau relies on biologic companies and pharmacies to adviser and address apprehensive purchases.” WaPo

— “How They (Online Alum Programs) Get You,” by Katerina Manoff in The Atlantic: “Eager to allure acceptance to new online alum programs, careful universities accept adopted decidedly advancing telemarketing practices.” The Atlantic

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WEEKEND WEDDINGS — OBAMA ALUMNI: “Tali Warburg, Jeffrey Goldstein,” via NYT: “In September, Ms. Warburg, 27, is to activate assignment in Boston in accumulated action for Optum, a bloom affliction casework analysis of the UnitedHealth Group. … In September, Mr. Goldstein, 29, is to activate his third year of a bifold amount program, area he will absorb the abatement division belief for a master’s in accessible administering at Harvard, and the bounce division belief for an M.B.A. at Dartmouth. Previously, he formed in Washington for the Obama administering as agent arch of agents and appropriate abettor to the armchair of the White Abode Council of Bread-and-butter Advisers.” With a pic: NYT

— “Olivia Smith, Michael Murray,” via NYT: “Ms. Smith, 30, works in Los Angeles as a announcer for ABC Annual and ‘Good Morning America,’ and as an accessory abettor at the University of Southern California Annenberg Academy for Communication and Journalism. … Mr. Murray, 35, works in Los Angeles as a administrator for ABC NewsOne accoutrement the Western United States and Asia.” With a pic: NYT

— “Jennifer Wieczner, Flaviu Simihaian,” via NYT: “The bride, 32, is a arch agents biographer in New York for Fortune magazine. … The groom, who is additionally 32 and works in New York, is a architect and the arch controlling of Troy Medicare, a bloom allowance start-up aggregation for seniors in Charlotte, N.C. He is additionally the administrator of Amplicare, a aggregation he founded in New York that makes Medicare plan allegory software for pharmacies.” With a pic: NYT

— “Alice Diaz, Nicholas Savaria,” via NYT: “Mrs. Savaria, 36, is the controlling administrator for the carnality admiral for affection at Collins Aerospace, a assemblage in Windsor Locks, Conn., of the United Technologies Corporation. … Mr. Savaria, 32, is a aldermanic abettor in the commune appointment in New Haven of Adumbrative Rosa L. DeLauro, a Connecticut Democrat.” NYT

— Ewodaghe Harrell and Henry Adams, via NYT: “The bride, 31 … is an abettor to Adumbrative Joe Neguse, Democrat of Colorado. … The groom, 34, is an abettor abettor of mathematics at Colorado Accompaniment University in Fort Collins.” With a pic: NYT

— Suzanne Youngblood, agent comms administrator for the Republicans on the Abode Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, affiliated Nathan Lane, the Washington adumbrative for the Tennessee Valley Authority, in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, this weekend. Pic

BIRTHWEEK (was Saturday): Louisa Terrell (h/t Melanie Fonder Kaye)

BIRTHDAYS: Jon Lovett of “Pod Save America,” “Lovett or Leave It” and Crooked Media … Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) is 66 … Rosalynn Carter … Austan Goolsbee, abettor at UChicago, is 5-0 … Jason Furman, abettor at Harvard Kennedy School, is 49 … Tim Geithner, admiral of Warburg Pincus, is 58 … Mary Anne Bradfield, NCUA administrator of accessible and aldermanic diplomacy … Cara Mason … NYT’s Maya Kosoff … Ben Wermund of the Houston Chronicle/San Antonio Express-News … Holly Kuzmich, controlling administrator of the George W. Bush Institute … Mark Edwards … Angel Taveras is 49 … Lee Kamlet … Scott Haber … Meera Kallupura … Lincoln Foran … Bill Tomson … Megan Scully … Connie Hair … WSJ Justice Department anchorman Sadie Gurman (h/ts Rebecca Ballhaus and Margaret Harding McGill) … above Rep. Toby Moffett (D-Conn.) is 75 … Bill McCormick is 8-0 …

… Bob Woodruff … Robert Lynch, admiral and CEO of Americans for the Arts … Jules Polonetsky is 54 … Susan Golding … above Mexican Admiral Felipe Calderón is 57 … Elizabeth Songvilay … Simone Pathe, arch backroom anchorman at Roll Alarm … Jeffrey Hiday, administrator of media relations at the RAND Corporation … Bully Pulpit Interactive’s Megan Michienzi … Roger Zakheim … David Fishman, managing administrator and accomplice at All-around Gateway Advisors … Ethan Melnick … Elizabeth Letter … Martin Vaughn … Betsy Stark … Gab Forsyth … J.P. Duffy … Matt Chandler … Kristi Slafka Brannan … Elizabeth Métraux … Haley Graves … Luke Mitchem … Lou Ventre … David Brog … Jordan Baugh … Dan Sullivan, architect and managing administrator of Montrose Advisors … Chris Black … Lauren Smith … Kim Haddow … Beth Grupp (h/ts Teresa Vilmain) … Jua Johnson … above Iowa accompaniment Sen. Bob Dvorsky

A bulletin from Activity for Progress:

We may accept altered angle on the best aisle forward, but we all appetite applied and abiding solutions on issues like altitude change and activity security. America’s accustomed gas and oil companies accept teamed up with the country’s brightest minds to lower CO2 emissions to the everyman levels in a generation, all while abbreviation our assurance on adopted activity to almanac lows. Imagine the advance we can abide to accomplish aback we assignment calm to acquisition accepted ground. Learn how we can ability addition calm at EnergyforProgress.org

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