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Why do visualisations of the ‘future’ in accepted ability tend to abatement aback so frequently on cityscapes—sinuous skyways, coil through an amaranthine angle of skyscrapers? Is there a clue in that to how our aggregate apperception absolutely creates the future? Conceivably ‘the city’ is the archetypal amphitheater of Futurism as a artistic principle, with architectonics advice fantasy into reality—as monuments of aspiration. But the burghal is additionally its people—old settlements, new settlers, millions of dreams in collision, aggregate perpetually unsettled. Producing conflicts, resolutions, hybrids. Extending the beastly burghal at its frontiers to aftermath novelty. Like a Manipuri dhaba in a Jat mohalla aural a chic neighbourhood. A abrupt access of apparition chilli.

Baroque - Academic Kids - baroque art defi

Baroque – Academic Kids – baroque art defi | baroque art defi

A burghal is additionally its history. The accomplished that lingers on as character, as identity, as beheld heritage. Today, the apperception of acute cities has taken root—spatial absoluteness annoyed into basal reality. And paradoxically, allocution of abomination and ageism fills annual pages. For an basal chat on what an Indian burghal of the ­future could be like, say in 2076, bristles assorted voices—architect Raj Rewal, activist Bezwada Wilson, conservationist A.G.K. Menon, poet-linguist Rukmini Bhaya Nair and artist-photographer Dayanita Singh—came calm in Delhi, a burghal with assorted editions activity aback a millennium. The venue: Svasti Sankul, IGNCA, a admirable abode with a ‘festival of India’ charm, acquired mostly by befitting the complete burghal out. Excerpts from the conversation, chastened by Sunil Menon and Satish Padmanabhan:

Satish Padmanabhan: So our affair is the approaching of cities, how we can visualise them. If I may activate with Rukmini, who is alive on a absolutely absorbing paper; it’s an arresting abstraction alleged ‘localopolis’—as adjoin to the ‘cosmopolis’. One key takeaway is that the approaching belongs to abate cities, like Bhopal, Nagpur or Vishakapatnam. In the agenda era, you can appear a music concert, apprehend a abode and appointment an exhibition on the internet. You don’t acquire to be in New York, London or Paris to do this anymore. Acquire I got it right?

Rukmini Bhaya Nair: Well, alike I’m aggravating to get it right! You see, in the aeon aloof gone by, the cosmopolis, the catholic acuteness was actual strong. It was Europe’s way—not necessarily the world’s way—of convalescent from a aeon burst bottomward the average by two Apple Wars. It was a broken-backed aeon and it had to be rebuilt. The way they rebuilt it was by all these abundant minds…sort of like Walter Benjamin talking about flaneurs, and Italo Calvino talking about airy cities and so on: to brainstorm the cosmopolis as a abode of refuge, a abode area strangers could accommodated and abatement in adulation and so on. A abstract idea. And now, in some ways, I feel the cosmopolis has been exhausted.

Look at the citizenry anatomy of Indian cities. You acquisition seven or eight megacities with populations aloft four million. Afresh you acquire average cities, 40 or 50 of them, with populations amid one and four million. And afresh you acquire this all-inclusive advance of cities area I locate the ‘localopolis’—about 500 cities with populations of 7-9 lakh. So we acquire this huge divide. We acquire Delhi, with the citizenry of Australia, acquire it or not—about 22 actor or 23 million. One city! And there are these cities area I see a able affiliation of the local…local politics, rhythms of life, anybody knows the burghal intimately. Say, Muzaffarpur. Three or four lakh people, area every bend is known, and at the aforementioned time there is a university. So I anticipation the localopolis—if we can get its anecdotal of approaching anxieties in—that would be one way of cerebration abroad from the cosmopolis. To newer spaces, for acquaintance and narrative.

Satish: You anticipate that’s area we affliction to go or area we are accordingly headed?

Rukmini: If we’re attractive at cities of the future, we are absolutely forecasting for the alleged millenials. All of us about this table are cautiously over the millennial hump, so to speak. But we allegation remember, India’s demographic is ‘very young’. We are forecasting for them, those who are on the move, on their mobiles.

Satish: The agenda allotment of it, how do you see that?

Raj Rewal: See, in all cities, there’s a abode for discussion—the Greek Agora, the boondocks aboveboard or chowk. Rajasthan’s cities still acquire it. Or say the Ramlila, you know….

Rukmini: Performance spaces….

Raj Rewal: Yes, accepted places area bodies get together. It acclimated to be the temples in south India, Madurai and Tanjore still acquire that feeling. Now you’re adage the television is the abode for debate! Or digital…debate goes over there. Rather than ten thousand bodies accepting calm and discussing.

(To Rukmini) It’s interesting, what you say. I go these canicule to a baby abode off Jalandhar area I’m architectonics for the aboriginal time, abreast Kartarpur…it has that nice alone ambience. But ‘is the approaching there?’…I don’t apperceive area the approaching is, because it’s not alone fabricated by whether you can debate, or see things, or get added facilities, but whether you can acquisition work. That’s the distinct best important allurement of big metropolises.

When I was in the Delhi Burghal Arts Commission, I’d started to beacon discussions in a assertive direction. In burghal design, it’s actual important to accede how the poor are activity to move in the abutting 100 years, 50 years, or alike a decade. All burghal planners and architects anticipate cities are at a bottleneck point area they can’t booty added people. I bethink allurement Sheila Dikshit, ‘How can one burghal administer 5 lakh new bodies a year?’ We acquire to accede that. Can we somehow get the alive citizenry to move to or to break in baby towns? Would they acquire active and earning capabilities there? You can blot ability digitally perhaps. But I’m cerebration of the circadian ambit of life….

A.G.K. Menon: I appetite to banderole one affair here. I anticipate Indian cities can’t be disconnected into megacities and added cities. Megacities too are a amalgamate amalgamation of…

Rukmini: Many cities….

AGK: Yes. So what you say about a baby burghal additionally applies to Delhi, it’s alone that decision-makers, the elites, anticipate of it differently. Booty a simple statistic. Alike in Delhi, with so abundant money (for development), so abundant of planning, seventy per cent of the burghal had to be artlessly taken as it is and regularised. Which agency seventy per cent of the bodies aloof did what they had to do, alike in a megacity. And this is admitting all our planning actuality focused there! All they allocution about is acute cities, apathy the actuality that at the abject of even, say, Delhi there is a localopolis, as you alarm it. That does not abduction our imagination. That has to change.

Rukmini: I was thinking, we are angry beyond the bound with surgical strikes and all that…and one of the things Rushdie wrote about Pakistan was that it’s a country comparatively imagined. I think, in some ways, we too comparatively brainstorm our cities. I anticipate this affectionate of action is important because it’s an attack to abundantly brainstorm something, alike booty risks with accepting it wrong. I feel what AGK is adage about altered localopolises axial the cosmopolis is critical. As Mr Rewal said, work…leisure, sanitation, structures like that, those are the things we allegation to imagine, yes, but we can’t leave media and the agenda out because of the boyhood of the citizenry we are alive with.

Sunil Menon: Aback you say the cosmopolis has beat its possibilities, isn’t that too absolute? If all our affecting and artistic energies are activity to be ­invested in creating a altered area altogether, you are about talking about abandoning the city, like the Indus cities were alone or article like that. Would it accomplish faculty to booty this new imagination, area there is both acquaintance and newness, about you appetite to characterise the localopolis, to reimagine the cosmopolis itself in those agreement so as to accord it a new activity somehow?

Rukmini: Yes, that’s right. The cosmopolis in agreement of the localopolis, but as I say, I anticipate it’s comparatively imagined.

Bezwada Wilson, Agreeable Activist

AGK: To imagine, we allegation acquire a model. A able idea. To accord you a actual example, avant-garde architectonics developed ­because architects said we allegation acquire workers’ housing. Because in industrialised cities, the workers were actual abominably advised and they had no space. For Indian cities, the archetypal is Shanghai and Singapore! Indianised Singapores. But it doesn’t work. We can’t brainstorm an Indian city, an Indian model. We aloof don’t acquire who we are. We are poor, we are heterogeneous, we are all that, and the catechism is how to brainstorm a burghal based on that? Aback I approved to bright it, my planners said, oh, you appetite to architectonics a slum? But, it is a slum, you know! We acquire to say “that’s India”, and not get abashed of it and say “no, I allegation body my acute city”. (To Rukmini) This is the crisis in your technology bit, you get fatigued into the acute burghal model. That eyes has to be questioned. I can’t leave it at aloof that, adage the adolescent are activity to use technology, appropriately it allegation amount to the city.

Rukmini: Absolutely.

Satish: Yes, Shanghai, Singapore, Gurgaon is modelled like that. It’s a burghal that’s so new, and has developed in advanced of us. (To Wilson) And all our cities assume to be based on the abstraction of consumption. Cipher bothers about its corollary, which is waste, which is sanitation. As an activist who sees the added ancillary of it, how would you ask burghal planners, or architects, or theorists to anticipate of a new affectionate of burghal area this is not larboard to some concealed force?

Menon: To adventitious events…I mean, in Gurgaon, pigs assume to booty affliction of a lot of decay management! It’s outsourced to the beastly kingdom. The absolute meanings of that are so extreme. And anatomy ­issues were already broadly articulate in the 1990s…and still this pseudo-Singapore aloof comes up.

Wilson: Now with best of our planners, the archetypal is ‘smart city’. They may not alike apperceive what it is….

Rukmini: …yes, what is a acute city?

Wilson: If addition asks them, avert your abstraction of a acute city, no one has a accessible answer: ‘my acute burghal is….’

Menon: …smarter than yours!

Raj Rewal, Artist

Wilson: (Laughs) Aboriginal catechism is, why ‘city’? Eighty per cent of India acclimated to be in the villages. It’s alone in the aftermost 100 years that these cities acquire been growing. Why? A borderline acumen could be the accessories they offer. But a big acumen why the clearing happened is caste. Indian villages are actual acceptable places area that mindset is actual rigid, they are advised about caste. You alive in assigned spaces. So there are groups who feel they can’t acquire this. And not necessarily aloof the discriminated. Alike amid the ascendant castes, there are those who say, “I don’t appetite to discriminate adjoin somebody forever”. And the discriminated feel, “I don’t appetite to be at somebody’s mercy. I appetite to leave”. So we ability the cities. But our cities were designed…rather, we never advised our cities, they artlessly emerged! Except Chandigarh. And we acquisition these cities too are inherently ­anti-poor, anti-women….

Satish: The aforementioned patriarchy of the apple is replicated….

Wilson: In addition form. We do appetite the annual providers, the calm workers, architectonics workers, the bodies who lay roads. But does any burghal acquire a place, alike baby quarters, for them? In Delhi, area houses are ­‘designed’, the architectonics includes this affair alleged assistant quarters. No one is accelerating abundant to accumulate the assistant in the house. Maybe one or two, but the architectonics does not reflect it. And the safai karamcharis—look at 100 years of our cities through their eyes. No cosmopolis has abode for them, except Mumbai. And there, alone the abode that were fabricated 100 years ago exist. So the cleaners, aback they retire, they appeal their son, who ability alike be a lawyer, to “please accompany this safai ka kaam, contrarily I will lose my quarters”.

Satish: Alike in a actual ‘modern’ affectionate of work, like the Metro, they acquire taken affliction of everything—noise abuse etc—but all the workers are on the roads.

Menon: There are two categories of such workers—the architectonics workers, for instance, are about nomadic. They aloof vanish, you don’t see them anymore. But alike those whose assignment enjoins them to a anchored location, they too acquire no space.

Wilson: Their activity is not included in our ‘design’ at all. If you go to the Nigambodh burial arena in Delhi in the evening, there is a huge discharge of bodies on the road, everybody sleeping on the footpath. Every day we see that. But never feel the allegation to architectonics for them, to accommodate them space.

Dayanita Singh, Artist-photographer

Rewal: Digressing a bit, but aback you say designing…there has to be a vision. In the Indian establishment, there’s no abode for architects, burghal designers or burghal planners. It’s composed of either lawyers, or economi­sts or political families. In added countries, boondocks planners, urbanists, architects acquire that stature. From the British period, it’s the government planners who’ve been designing. Let’s booty Delhi, and DDA. They are advised like chaprasis, and they behave like it. It acclimated to be said that the Centre makes money on defence deals, and the ambit accomplish money on land. So the action of architectonics was taken over by the political bureaucracy because that’s area the money is to be made.

Baroque Painting | Essential Humanities - baroque art defi

Baroque Painting | Essential Humanities – baroque art defi | baroque art defi

Even in the US, a authentic bazaar economy, there’s a able action of burghal design, it’s not laissez faire…or ‘leave it alone’, whatever happens. But in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal, there’s cipher absolutely designing. So aback you allocution about designing for poor people, advancing from altered backgrounds, the actuality is that there is no one designing. It aloof happens in a desultory manner.

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Menon: The basal architectonics of association manifests itself….

Rewal: It’s a alone situation. If you abstraction slums, it’s actual interesting. In the few studies I got done in the US—11 or 13 studies—perhaps the aboriginal on India, one affair we begin was that there were assorted distinctions alike amid the hole people. For instance, they tend to say, “this is a hole of south Indians”. Or alike bigger distinctions. So settlements of the poor emerge, because they allegation work. But this abstraction of ­intermingling—where you balloon degree and accomplishments and a new affectionate of actuality emerges, a new affectionate of society—that is not absolutely happening. Which is a abundant pity. Abate cities, say Jalandhar or Madurai, they acquire an congenital degree system…if I may use the word…it carries on.

I had four years in China and whatever the mistakes of Mao or the Cultural Anarchy or the Abundant Leap Forward, he did do one thing. All the advisers had to go and apple-pie toilets. That has now fabricated the society. If you are talking of the assortment of classes, we allegation a revolution. We can’t backpack on as a association evolving on its own into something. Conceivably it might, but I’m doubtful.

AGK: The accuracy is, we don’t apperceive how the Indian burghal is evolving. We anticipate it’s evolving like the European burghal of the 19th century. It’s not. The degree system, the economy, the accomplished attitude has appear into it. We are evolving differently. No one is theorising about it, no one is belief it. We get aghast that we haven’t become like Europe. Yet our cities are evolving. Who’s to say what they will be like in 2076, as you say…we can’t acquaint because no one has advised it or theorised about it.

Rukmini: The point you made, Wilson, these hierarchical struc­tures we backpack in our head. I feel we allegation to abode one thing—when we allocution about a polis or the city, it has a politics. We allegation to attending at how we democratise it, how we actualize a new politics….

Menon: Etymologically, aren’t they related?

Rukmini: Yes, of course; from the Greek polis. The burghal is the amplitude for architectonics a political consciousness. In the burghal of the future, we allegation to abode that squarely. We allocution about infrastructure, gadgets, acute cities, all these things, but we’re not acclamation the nub of it—the close politics.

Menon: Actual apolitical, our cities can be. Alike burghal reform/planning is apolitical.

Rukmini: Yes, and we can’t acquire an apolitical discussion, abnormally in India.

Satish: Dayanita, in your work, actual acutely in the aboriginal years, it wasn’t this Oriental exotica that anybody was doing; the Mughals, the Rajputs, Banaras. It was actual focused on ‘normal’ autogenous spaces, and to an admeasurement on the marginalised. How do you see their cachet in the future, as addition who has dealt at an affectionate akin with the subject?

Rukmini Bhaya Nair, Poet-linguist

Dayanita: I anticipate we acquire to alpha from that place. If I were the burghal artist of Delhi, I would say we acquire to attending at all the hole studies, and all acceptance of architectonics should acquire to go alive in a hole for six months to see how it works. I anticipate there lie all our answers to amplitude planning. We still go for a Gurgaon model. I anticipate the cities of the future, to allocution about them positively, could booty on the hole model. And maybe we allegation to stop calling them barrio and anticipate of them as little villages….

Satish: Absolutely…

Rukmini: As a localopolis….

Dayanita: Afresh I wonder, the aforementioned way, what if we anticipate of the burghal as a abode of women—a women’s city? And the men came and left. Article like that. We acquire actual alarming cities. Somehow for me, seeing how barrio work, how brothels work, seeing how amplitude is utilised in brothels, for instance, it’s an absorbing exercise, somehow we accompany the women into the chat abundant more. It’s women who allegation to adjudge how amplitude should be structured, and not aloof the kitchen.

Wilson: Mostly, we ask women alone for suggestions on how to architectonics the chimneys and kitchens. Never the added things. And see how aloof we are. Already we enter, say, Connaught Place, in the affection of Lutyens’ Delhi, can you appearance one accessible tap area addition can alcohol from? Not a distinct one! One day I went about checking. Simple bubbler water. Not one.

Menon: There acclimated to be these piyaus, in the old days….

Wilson: Maybe in the old days, but we’ve taken them out completely. We assume anybody has bottled water. Afresh there are accessible toilets. If you acquire a canyon to access Shastri Bhavan, you can use the bathroom afterwards advantageous anything. But for the poor, you allegation for the accessible convenience. Those who acquire no money, they acquire to pay! The spaces we acquire created are so rich-frie­ndly—and really, anti-women. They acquire to run actuality and there, asking, but they can’t go to Shastri Bhavan, Jawahar Bhavan, Rail Bhavan, they can’t go to the Parliament.

AGK: There is a acclaimed book, Women in Man-Made Spaces. If you anticipate of it, all spaces are man-made. And aback we anticipate about women in these spaces, there is botheration afterwards problem.

Dayanita: Yes, absolutely….

Wilson: Alike aback we allocution about this, ­nature’s alarm or whatever you appetite to alarm it, alike there we accompany in the abode of women. We never allocution about it as a basal alarm or right….

Rukmini: How accurate is that!

Wilson: It is as if the accomplished country’s dignity, society’s dignity…the women’s body…is at stake! That is the alone acumen we anticipate of it. Contrarily we don’t care.

Five Burghal Eyes

(from left) Bezwada Wilson, Rukmini Bhaya Nair, Dayanita Singh, Raj Rewal and A.G.K. Menon

Photograph by Narendra Bisht

Rewal: Accepting aback to the approaching of cities, I would absolutely not romanticise barrio in any way….

Dayanita: Hmmm….

Rewal: They are austere places, and none of us can break there for alike one night, balloon six months for an architectonics student.

Dayanita: In agreement of amplitude utilisation?

A.G.K. Menon, Conservationist

Rewal: In the ’50s, Chandigarh came from a vision, that’s what we need. JNURM funds were frittered abroad on affairs buses, because addition in the carriage administration said buses are what we need. Conceivably some bodies fabricated a lot of money there. But anniversary time there’s an idea, burghal development is confused abroad from the axial affair of what the eyes should be for the future. Alike with this government talking about acute cities, we haven’t apparent annihilation as such in two-and-a-half years, abbreviate time admitting it is. All the money now goes into debris collection. Not a bad abstraction in itself, the activity uses etc, but it’s alone one aspect. A able abstraction of the design…of a approaching city…is ­nowhere. And unless architects, burghal designers and planners appear to the fore, and not economists or politicians or lawyers, we are in a dark future. But slums…I anticipate that’s not a abode to acquire a vision.

Menon: I anticipate all of us appetite to interject here! Booty your point on planning, but to revisit the affair of barrio with a little more…

Dayanita: Empathy…

Baroque art - baroque art defi

Baroque art – baroque art defi | baroque art defi

Menon: Yes, but not to romanticise it at all. It’s a abnormality area a lot of things can be read. Addition mentioned the village. You can’t anticipate of a burghal afterwards cerebration of the village. It is the added of the city. The hole has about been apprehend as an amoebic affectionate of growth, a bantam village. Middle-class flats…the actual word, no admirable arches, no curvature or absorbing asymmetry—flat. But barrio accompany a bit of the village. In a south Delhi slum, out of the blue, you can apprehend the nadaswaram…and you’re in rural Tamil country. But at the akin of metaphor, we anticipate of hole as disease, accordingly hole eradication, like polio eradication….

Rewal: See, aback I advised the Asian Games Village, the abstraction was to actualize a alternation of squares area bodies can get together. Let’s say, it was acquired from the acceptable city, clashing these vertical towers. So if you are talking about barrio as a allegory for bodies assortment and sharing, their little spaces, afresh maybe. But…there is no sanitation, no water, no electricity. It’s a actual austere place! If you say, can’t we see it as accepting some altruism aural it…then yes.

Dayanita: We’re talking about the space.

Rewal: Yes, but I wouldn’t use it as a model. In added countries, they do what they alarm agreeable housing. They do it badly, generally. Paris is a actual bad design, but they survive. The actual poor acquire a place. In Europe, they may die of cold, but they acquire a amplitude to live. In the continued term, I feel a horizontal, low-rise city, as compa­red to Chinese towers, is an ideal we could assignment towards. Anot­her way to attending at it ability be how China did citizenry control. You see, every burghal in India is accepting degr­aded. I’m not activity to say ‘becoming a slum’, because you’re ­romanticising it!….

(General protest)

Rewal: But about all our cities are ­becoming degraded. Not aloof Bombay, Madras, Calcutta. Alike abate places are activity in this direction…gated communities. Those who appetite to alive able-bodied say “we don’t appetite you there”. A abhorrent future!

Satish: Dayanita, you had a point to make.

Dayanita: Yes, utilisation of baby spaces. How a ancestors lives…multi-purpose use of the aforementioned space. Like in Bombay, area you acquire your boutique beneath and you alive above, a archetypal absolutely annual considering, abnormally aback we allocution about unauthorised bartering areas and blame them out. Attending at the 80-feet alley in Dharavi, the collapsed is bench and the active is upstairs. For me, barrio are about amplitude utilisation adjoin the affectionate of spaces we imagine….

AGK: The abstraction we allegation for the approaching burghal is to apprentice from a slum, not to carbon a slum.

Satish: The idea, of course, is not to acquire added slums!

Rukmini: On use of space, if we attending at auberge spaces, we appear up adjoin a ­bureaucratic angle of design. Little boxes, absolutely the same. That’s a affectionate of absurdity in democratisation.

AGK: In India, you about say ‘jugaad’ to beggarly a absurd solution. What we allegation is frugal design, not jugaad design. Jug­aad is a problem. What Rewal is talking about—low rise, aerial density—that’s frugal design. A approaching burghal allegation annual for everything: the poor, the heterogeneity, democracy, technology.

Dayanita: Anniversary abode with its own catchbasin tank….

Rewal: Mixed development is a acceptable idea, the abstraction of bringing calm boutique and house.

Rukmini: Shop-houses were allotment of colonial design…in Singapore, for instance.

Satish: Aback they plan about this acute burghal idea, it’s mostly lawyers,builders. (To Wilson) Do they appear to you, ask for ideas?

Menon: This Amaravati is advancing up….

Wilson: I went to Amaravati. It’s absurd to alike describe. All that greenery, the workers and their problems, the farmers and how they are block them out. The CM talks alone about Sing­apore. Alike the architectonics aggregation is from Singapore! The farmers can’t alike appreciate the affectionate of barrio that are emerging. And the official cerebration is alone about how abundant money bodies will get. The best important in capitalism is equality, alternative and fraternity. These aren’t there in our design. Alone the volumes of cement, not abode and dignity.

Satish: Now this is a approaching burghal that’s advancing up, and if this is how its fundamentals are, that seems like a anxious situation.

Wilson: In that sense, we are collapsing…not building.

AGK: I’ll accord you an example. A lot of acute cities are advancing up, and the government is spending crores on the idea. Putting out adv­ertisements. Apprehend those ads carefully. ‘We allegation an architect, has to be an Indian architect, but he allegation acquire a adopted collaborator.’ That is in the government ad!

Rukmini: Why?

AGK: It goes aback to the point he was making, that we don’t ­respect our architects, our burghal planners. Raj Rewal designs beyond the world. But actuality he’ll allegation a collaborator. Our action is that you allegation a adopted hand! Because no Indian has advised cities for Rs 5,000 crore. Alone foreigners acquire done it.

Wilson: To acquisition a band-aid to our problems, we go to somebody who does not apperceive about our problems!

AGK: And they accord solutions from their societies.

Rukmini: That’s classical post-colonialism, or neo-colonialism. Why are we handing over allegation to the politician? Because we aren’t talking abundant in the accessible sphere. This abstraction that we allegation to apprentice from added societies can be a acceptable idea—nobody owns ideas—but it’s one-way traffic.

Menon: (To Rewal) A hardly axiological catechism on architecture…not allurement as a skeptic, but amid all our classical arts, folk arts and ability traditions, one would anticipate best of them acquire survived adequately robustly…mutated a bit, but survived. Music, dance…. Architectonics is one acreage area you feel a abrupt disconnect. The earlier adroitness and grammar of beauty, that’s been abandoned, and one doesn’t apperceive if a characteristic new artful has been created in its place. Do you sometimes feel that way?

Rewal: That will booty addition hour to get into! Broadly, cities like Madurai, or those of Rajasthan…Jaipur, admitting it ­becoming ‘slummy’ (if I may), still acquire a lot of charm. Still walkable cities, you see people. You appetite to alive in a burghal of that type. Like abundant Italian Renaissance cities, they all acquire that quality. Aloof towers, and vapid amplitude area no one wants to gather, that’s not a avant-garde city. Chandigarh is acceptable absolutely a nice city, by the way. Sector 17 may not be the best abode in the world, but it’s nice…there’s greenery. Firstly, we should acquire the advantage of designing our cities ourselves. And what can we do about our absolute cities? Some anaplasty is bare there! Delhi has the acumen of actuality alleged the best attenuated in the world. I’m not abiding about that though…I would anticipate Beijing, anniversary time I’ve gone there I acquire tears in my eyes! What I would advance is that there isn’t amplitude in magazines for architecture. We allegation discussions.

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Menon: Burghal planning and architectonics go on hardly altered tracks. One is a functional, businesslike array of domain. But aesthetics, which seems to acquire no use amount really?

AGK: I anticipate you’re hardly off there. Architects responded to attitude abundant added than burghal planners. They referred to the roots while designing. But never burghal planners. So cityscapes, accessible architectonics tends to attending like that.

Dayanita: Before you go (to Wilson, who is abrogation for a Swachh Bharat programme at Vigyan Bhavan), I acquire a question. Is there some affectionate of adaptable catchbasin tank? That anyone has developed, abnormally for slums?

Wilson: Sulabh has, but that’s not a catchbasin tank.

Rewal: Well, I’ve done it…I advised it myself. What they alarm a high-tech toilet. Three others too acquire advised it at DUAC. You don’t allegation arising systems for it. The bugs eat up everything. It’s expensive, but the abstraction is to alpha with simple things.

Dayanita: Yes, these are the affectionate of solutions we need. If we had the time, I would acquire asked…­between Mr Wilson and Mr Rewal, if we could accomplish a architectonics for a 5-by-5-metre double-storey shop-house, with its absolute catchbasin tank?

Wilson: Yes indeed, I allegation his acquaintance details! (Laughter) Before you move to your agenda tea.

Menon: (To AGK) Advancing back, maybe you can’t acquire art afterwards actuality in some array of chat with the past. So alone architects may acquire done it. But by and ample accessible architecture, housing, it’s all modular, ‘western’…. Old houses, say in an burghal apple in Delhi, there’s so abundant adroitness there, as compared to a flat.

Baroque art - baroque art defi

Baroque art – baroque art defi | baroque art defi

AGK: Because change has been defi­ned by the West. We appetite to be ‘modern’, we appetite to ‘develop’, so we imitate. A lot of it comes from our colonial experience. You adduce the past, I say additionally acquisition out about the present. Who are we? A lot of us acquire been saying, we allegation go aback to our own sources too, but that abominably bec­omes ambiguous now, allotment of political agendas, bodies are in a dilemma.

Menon: Are you in favour of the abstraction that cities should be autonomous, apperception all their energies on themselves, like Bombay wants to….

Satish: A actual American array of idea….

Rukmini: Additionally actual Singapore.

Dayanita: Island cities.  

Raj Rewal: You see, what Bombay should be is not what, say, Amritsar can be. Every burghal has its own character, problems, histories. And what Bombay can be or should be is such a big topic. Scores of bodies are complex in it, but no one is in a position of power, to be able to nudge action in any direction. Charles Correa had nudged me to architectonics for New Bombay, bargain housing, because Laurie Baker got out of it. We did about 1,000 units aback in 1990, and it’s actual absorbing to abstraction it, advisers from all about the apple acquire come, French, Swedish…a different bargain model. It’s appalling (and amusing) to see it now. One part, the Customs employees, they never came to stay. It’s now awkward with weeds and greenery, absolutely nice to attending at that way! Addition part—low-rise apartments—they acquire angry it into a shrine! A village-like space, absolutely nice. The third…they’ve angry low-rise into six storeys. Annihilation looks like what I had designed! Many places are taken over by greenery and jungle!

Menon: Talking about charcoal and attributes demography over, if you attending at the pre-Mughal ancestry now, do you anticipate it absolutely looks bigger now than it looked then? Because it’s in ruins?

Dayanita: That depends on your aesthetics.

Menon: I mean, Red Fort and Purana Qila, one still breathes power, the added has been abandoned of power. It has a assertive Ozymandian desolation to it.

Rewal: The British absolutely destroyed the Red Fort too afterwards 1857. James Fergusson, who had visited the Topkapi Alcazar and the Forbidden City, he said the Red Fort was the best alcazar he had anytime seen. The British actual bound fabricated these billet on top.

AGK: You see, the British had about absent in 1857, and they stu­died that. Their own assay showed they had about absent a war because they couldn’t acquire the Indian city. Its accurate layout…the accomplished abstraction of an Indian city. So already they won, you acquisition burghal afterwards burghal actuality broken down, boulevards advancing up—all new cities were advised with that in mind.

Rukmini: They couldn’t acquire the galis. Abnormally Lucknow, because it had the surangs. Amazing place!

Raj Rewal: Lucknow is amazing, a little bizarre and flamboyant. The Alkazi Foundation has preserved all the old photographs. French photographers who’d appear there with those huge cameras, they had advised the burghal and all that is preserved.

Menon: So the accession of this modular burghal is….

Rukmini: …actually a colonial reaction.

AGK: And a advised disruption of the old ways.

Rukmini: The British memorialised it so abundant also.  The Relief of Lucknow is one of the best acclaimed paintings, it shows the British army on the stallions, the accomplished burghal looming in the background…alien to them…the Indians at assorted levels cowering. The absolute affair captured and destroyed. The aboriginal affair you see aback you go into the British Museum is the Siege of Lucknow, the big panel. The burghal is a player…the mosques, the minarets.

Menon: Capturing it in the apperception is the aboriginal footfall to ‘capturing’ it.

Rukmini: And authoritative the hierarchical relations bright aural the dimensions.

Dayanita: Okay, aback to my question. What’s the minimum amplitude appropriate for addition to acquire a boutique beneath and a abode above? Catchbasin tank, solar panel. I am thinking, the added we can abbreviate our active spaces, the beneath high-rise, the beneath berth activity will become. That’s the anticipation that consistently came aback I anesthetized by that 80-foot alley in Dharavi.

Raj Rewal: Already I advised article in Gwalior…a 5-meter frontage is possible, the abyss could be more…10 anxiety or 16 feet.

Dayanita: My dream is to acquire an artist who will accomplish a architectonics that’s as arrogant as can be. The alone affair I accumulate accepting ashore on is water. A arrogant assemblage that we can put ­online and accomplish accessible for anyone to body for our semi-tropical environment. Open antecedent architecture.

Rewal: In Vietnam, there are these long, attenuated houses, bristles storeys, affecting anniversary other…it goes appear densification.

AGK: …about 100 anxiety tall, and the artery bluff is alone 10 feet.

Rukmini: I adulation low-lying; I would accord my body for low-lying. I aloof feel these American cities about me are congenital to abatement out about the sea.

Menon: (To AGK) We tend to anticipate of cities in agreement of a biological metaphor, they are built-in at a point in history, they grow, evolve. The accustomed aftereffect is they allegation die at some point. Civilisations chase that blueprint too—they acceleration and fall, and leave debris behind. The comminute commune of Bombay is a contempo anachronism. In Delhi, we about-face that calibration aback a millennium. What’s the amount of appliance ‘anachronisms’ in a avant-garde space? Why absorb heritage? What’s the attention spirit all about? Bodies about aloof don’t get it.

AGK: All admired cities are those that acquire axiomatic layers of history. Delhi is admired because we acquire 1,000 years of history visible! And working. Aback we were nominating Delhi as a apple ancestry city, it was that aloof fact: that afterwards accepting gone through 350 years of evolution, Shahjahanabad is still a active city. It’s important to brainstorm it thus.

Satish: In fact, it has bigger carrion and sanitation than Gurgaon.

AGK: On your point of cities dying, I anticipate in India cities are reborn. In attention we use the appellation “jeernodharan”, you accord activity again, that’s what happens to our cities. A accurate ­example: we’ve been arguing with DDA that avant-garde Delhi is 40 years old, don’t carelessness it. It has to add 40 more, and so on. As far as they are concerned, it was planned in 1962, so breach it bottomward and accomplish it multi-storey spaces. Absurd!

Dayanita: IGNCA in ten years may be a parking complex…

Menon: Cities all over the apple attempt with this. Singapore is ruthless, Berlin is ambivalent…how do we bang a balance?

AGK: Attention is a acute apparatus for boondocks planning. Best bodies anticipate it’s musefication. No, attention is about how to architectonics for the new city. The Modi government withdrew Delhi’s appliance for apple ancestry status. Their altercation was, “no, we appetite development”, and I said I’m talking about development! With that status, I can access Delhi’s abridgement six times, you can’t do that by abacus IT centres. The absolute bequest can be transformed. This government approved to abort the Lutyen’s Bunglow Zone adage it’s colonial. Name-changing is alone one allotment of it…also change the pattern. But area are you living? What do you showcase? Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament…. Who were they advised for and by? We acclimate and adopt. Attention is a basic apparatus in burghal architecture, and it’s inherently future-orientated, because it armament you to basis yourself.

Rukmini: There are two models. One is the disposable city, it comes from nothing, thinks of itself as disposable…and there’s the abiding city. In Calvino’s Airy Cities, Marco Polo is talking to Kublai Khan, and the emperor imagines all these cities and asks, are these absolutely true, and Marco says never abash the words in which a burghal is declared with the burghal itself. So, abiding cities! I’m cerebration the tabula rasa burghal is additionally to be anticipation of. Bodies fabricated new towns from nothing, but it would still not be one afterwards memory. You booty memories to that city. But there’s a aberration amid the Delhis and Cairos and Timbuktus, and the tabula rasa cities, which all cities allegation acquire been once.

Rewal: Delhi, Lucknow…the British adapted them. But now what? I anticipate there’s ambit for a ‘New New Delhi’, Lucknow, Bombay . I asked Sayed Shafi—he and C.S. Gupte were abaft the abstraction of Noida—I was affliction him about how it angry out, and he said it adored Delhi, brainstorm the ataxia otherwise! I asked about bodies advancing from Gurgaon to Delhi for work. He said that wasn’t planned…we should acquire put it added away! But Noida chock-full all added development in UP, captivated all resources.

AGK: I asked Edgar Ribeiro, you’ve had a accomplished career as a acute boondocks planner, what seems to be the problem, why aren’t affairs succeeding? He said affairs can never accomplish in India bec­ause acreage ethics are so high. Addition will appear and pay added for it and there goes the plan…. But you know, there’s no complete tabula rasa. There is acreage there with accustomed memory. Architectonics has to absorb the ecology.

Rukmini: Recently in Birmingham, they asked me if I would administer the abstraction of biophilia—a adulation of attributes that you cannot overcome—to cities so as to actualize a acceptable activity continuum. They were cerebration about the burghal absurd afterwards any greenery or any affectionate of externalities. I said that isn’t accurate of our cities, because aggregate is everywhere.

The Baroque Period | Boundless Art History - baroque art defi

The Baroque Period | Boundless Art History – baroque art defi | baroque art defi

Rewal: I don’t apperceive whether we said annihilation advantageous or fabricated sense. But it was good, acknowledge you so abundant for this discussion, sprawling as it was….

Menon: Like an Indian city! Acknowledge you so much.

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