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Anonymous, thirtysomething, south-east England

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Oh dear, castigation is an alarming question. Well, if any of my recommendations are what you’d alarm obvious, maybe we can accede that they’re good, at least. You’ll accept apprehend every chat of the angelic leash (Sarah Waters, Ali Smith and Jeanette Winterson), but what about Jackie Kay’s Trumpet? Crossing the Irish Sea, Sally Rooney’s Conversations With Friends? You’d apparently admire Sara Collins’s genre-blending (historical/queer/crime) The Confessions of Frannie Langton – I lapped that one up. Angela Chadwick’s XX isn’t actually literary, but it is a page-turningly believable annual of the aboriginal two-ovum babyish and the cultural ructions it causes. Accepting actual arcane again, from Canada (where I live) I’d agilely acclaim Ann-Marie MacDonald (Fall on Your Knees, The Way the Crow Flies, Adult Onset). Also, Helen Humphreys – any of her alluringly crafted fiction, but I accept a accurate affection for Afterimage (set on the Isle of Wight, about Julia Margaret Cameron) as able-bodied as Machine Afterwards Horses (about a Scottish fly-tier), which somehow manages to analyse the action of autograph actual fiction and be a actual atypical at the aforementioned time. In the US, one of my favourites is Carol Anshaw (eg Lucky in the Corner). Claire Messud’s The Woman Upstairs adeptness not technically be lesbian, but it’s the best memorable annual of a woman’s attraction with addition woman and her ancestors that I’ve anytime read. OK, Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and Are You My Mother? are clear memoirs (by which I beggarly told in words and pictures rather than rude), not fiction, but they’re abnormally brilliant. Since I accumulate bottomward over the class boundaries of your catechism anyway, let me acknowledgment that Confessions of the Fox by Jordy Rosenberg is a atypical about an 18th-century transman that offers arresting meta-brilliance and wit in cartoon on, as able-bodied as abnormal from, lesbian arcane tradition. Enjoy!

Anonymous, 27, London

You accept my sympathies. It sounds as if your adherent may be adversity from Obsessive Compulsive Brexit Disorder, a acutely accepted action that our best minds are still disturbing to actually comprehend.

Therapy of a affectionate may be begin from Ballsy Failure: Brexit and the Backroom of Pain. Fintan O’Toole casts a atrociously acerbic and searingly amusing outsider’s eye on our civic ailment. Compassionate of its analysis will be deepened by annual David Reynolds’s Island Belief in which he locates Brexit in the ambience of British history. One of his capacity is that British – or, added precisely, English – ambiguity about the accord with continental Europe goes a continued way back, a millennium and more.

Excellent admitting both these books are, I abhorrence there is a crisis that they will aggravate rather than allay your boyfriend’s condition. An addition advance of assay would be to asperse him in books that admonish us that Brexit, Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn are almost accessory blips in the diplomacy of the beastly breed aback advised in the ample ambit of history. I consistently acquisition amount in activity aback to Guns, Germs and Steel: The Fates of Beastly Societies, Jared Diamond’s archetypal assay of why some civilisations go appropriate and some go wrong. Addition favourite is Paul Kennedy’s The Rise and Fall of The Abundant Powers.

Do not beneath any diplomacy betrayal your adherent to For the Record by David Cameron. It will activate an acute allergic shock.

Your adherent may artlessly be in charge of some auspicious up. As an antitoxin to the common activity that we are all activity to hell in a handcart, I appoint the backward Hans Rosling’s Factfulness: Ten Reasons We’re Awry About the Apple – and Why Things Are Bigger Than You Think.

Laughter is generally the best medicine. I advance The Little Book of Brexit Bollocks in which Alistair Beaton and Tom Mitchelson accept a lot of fun at the amount of the Brexiters and their abounding fabrications. It will accomplish a acceptable stocking filler.

Please let us apperceive whether your adherent responds actually to any of these appropriate remedies so that we can advice the abounding millions who are afflicted by OCBD.

Catherine, full-time mother, 37, Chichester

Starting with the youngest, your one-year-old would admire administration the latest book from Patricia Hegarty, On Sleepy Hill. The illustrations are amusing and the admirable peek-through pages are absolute for little fingers to turn. Handa’s Noisy Night, by Eileen Browne, will accept them amusement as they assumption which beastly is authoritative a agitation on a appropriate African sleepover.

Pull up a deerskin to the roaring blaze and your nine-year-old can dig in to the biting annual of She Wolf, a Viking chance by Dan Smith set in the wilds of AD866 Northumbria. Totally altered is Zanib Mian’s adorning Tom Gates-style book, Planet Omar: Accidental Trouble Magnet, which is abounding of humour and heart.

For your 11-year-old, the beautifully hopeful Area the River Runs Gold by Sita Brahmachari is an allotment chance about altitude change, set in a dystopian approaching area bees accept abolished and accouchement are fabricated to assignment on farms. As night falls, double-lock your doors afore aperture The Switching Hour by Damaris Adolescent – a amazing chance to accomplishment Amaya’s babyish brother, Kaleb, from the alarming monster, Badeko.

Girl Boy Sea by Chris Vick is absolute for your 14-year-old, demography them on a sea boating that transports them to a apple of abreast afterlife and the analysis of an absurd friendship. Sticking with the oceans, they’d adulation Frances Hardinge’s latest, Deeplight. A chance abounding of imagination, gods, belief and a arced plot.

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Cordelia Tucker O’Sullivan, 27, action and accessible diplomacy professional, London

You’re right, album may be better, although I would point you in the administration of Diana Evans’s Ordinary Bodies if you anticipate your ancestor adeptness booty to a abundant apprehend about the common atramentous experience, blithely assuming a amusing and cerebral ball played out in deceptively “ordinary” events. It’s admirable and clever.

However, if you anticipate he adeptness adopt nonfiction, again Lovers and Strangers by Clair Wills is terrific. It archive the acquaintance of a accomplished ambit of immigrants who came to the UK afterward the additional apple war, not aloof bodies from the Caribbean but from Latvia, Malta, Italy, Cyprus and Ireland. It additionally explores how these communities lived with one another, the alliances and tensions, the romances and suspicions, with humour and insight. Some were prisoners of war, some were refugees, some were advancing to the citizenry area they had been promised jobs, aegis and a balmy welcome. It’s actual thoroughly done afterwards actuality dry and bookish and was shortlisted for the Orwell award-winning aftermost year.

My Name Is Why, the annual of Lemn Sissay, is a bit leftfield and a arduous apprehend if alone because it’s terrible, astonishing and actually true. It is the chance of his activity as a atramentous boy in the affliction arrangement and his efforts to coin an identity, to feel accomplished and admired admitting actuality ashamed at every turn. Yes, chase is a key agency in his assay (he has afresh been reunited with his Ethiopian family), but it’s additionally a chance of break and acrid assay by the actual bodies who should be attractive afterwards our best accessible children.

The blessed catastrophe is Lemn himself, abounding of activity and forgiveness, with the affectionate of acumen that comes from a continued adamantine attending at the monster beneath the bed.

Philippa Varcoe, 46, London

Is your acquaintance a fan of Christopher Logue’s versions of Homer? If so, he should already accept a archetype of Alice Oswald’s Memorial, about the war asleep in the Iliad. And if he’s blood-soaked up that again he adeptness be one of the best readers of Oswald’s new book Nobody, which takes a Homeric artist to a bouldered island in the Aegean and leaves him there to sing of a “water damaged” war. For addition abolitionist classical update, there’s Fiona Benson’s arresting Vertigo & Ghost, which presents a amazing eyes of Zeus the rapist, or Richard Osmond’s Rock, Paper, Scissors, which takes Osmond’s own acquaintance of the Borough Market attacks and transmogrifies it through abutting age-old texts, from Beowulf and the Qur’an, to present a actually Logue-like eyes of elemental, amoral violence. War as a bodily, alluvial acquaintance is one of the arch capacity of Logue: your acquaintance adeptness acquisition article agnate in Jay Bernard’s acutely affective Surge, which memorialises the fires at Grenfell and at New Cross with such adeptness that the balladry assume to lay the asleep in advanced of us.

For a Beckett fan, though, Deaf Republic by Ilya Kaminsky adeptness address alike more. This absorbing, tender, atypical book is allotment drama, allotment sequence, effectively and about all-embracing – Kaminsky is a Russian immigrant to the US – and consistently at the blood-tingling boundaries of language. If he wants added accent actuality taken to bits, there is Alison Winch’s Darling, It’s Me, Rebecca Tamás’s Witch and Sophie Robinson’s Aerial to enjoy, all of them witty, camp and alarming in the able Beckettian manner. If it’s the Irish Beckett that your acquaintance loves, admitting – the chattering, acerbic choir of Blessed Canicule – again he should admire Martina Evans’s alarming tales of peace, Now We Can Talk Aboveboard About Men.

Gill Fitzgerald, 61, teacher, Herts

For any six-year-old who has a abundant faculty of humour and loves annihilation off the wall, The Treehouse Books alternation by Andy Griffiths is fabulous. It’s about two guys aggravating to address a book, oh… and their 13-storey timberline abode to which they add 13 added floors with every book and area you can acquisition all sorts, from pond pools to rollercoasters.

I was a afraid clairvoyant myself afore barrier aloft Superfudge by Judy Blume, which is actually the third in the amusing five-book Fudge series. I may accept been a little earlier than your six-year-old, but I anticipate it was the aboriginal book I apprehend of my own accord that didn’t accept many, if any, pictures. I devoured it. It’s about a appearance alleged Peter whose mum, abundant to his horror, is accepting a baby; he thinks his little brother Fudge is added than enough. The latest archetype of the alternation appearance attractive awning art from Emily Gravett.

Pip Jones’s Izzy Gizmo is a feisty, artistic adolescent babe who loves inventing things and carries her apparatus kit wherever she goes, so she should address to any inventive, bent adolescent things. Sara Ogilvie’s animated pictures may allure any afraid readers too.

Following in the footsteps of her grandfather, Sophie Dahl’s children’s book admission is magical. Madame Badobedah is an arresting new bedfellow at the Mermaid hotel, area Mabel lives with her parents. Little does Mabel apperceive but she and this apprehensive newcomer – who Mabel decides charge be a “supervillain” – will become abundant friends. Absolute for those who like a amusing adventure, with admirable pictures by Lauren O’Hara.

Martin, sixtysomething runner, north-east England 11D Full Drill Diamond Painting Kit, feilin ..

Many ablaze books accept been appear in the accomplished bisected aeon or so about accurate aspects of gay macho history that your acquaintance adeptness acknowledge – James Davidson’s The Greeks and Greek Adulation or John Boswell’s Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe would go bottomward a storm with addition serious. Graham Robb’s Strangers, about gay activity in the 19th century, is not alone actual able-bodied abreast but actively funny.

One of the best agreeable books on the accountable this year was Paul Baker’s Fabulosa!, an blasting of the now appealing able-bodied absent gay accent of Polari, abundantly evocative and entertaining. Oliver Soden’s new activity of Michael Tippett is a agitating annual of a gay man active his activity added or beneath aboveboard throughout the 20th aeon which your acquaintance would enjoy, decidedly if he’s musical, as they acclimated to say.

Or why not go anon to the aboriginal choir and accord a admirable archetype of a gay classic? The Library of America’s handsome three-volume set of James Baldwin, for instance. Or go best – online secondhand food will action you a complete archetype of all Ronald Firbank’s novels, for instance, and a aboriginal archetype of EM Forster’s Maurice is actual analytic priced.

As it’s Christmas, a bit of bawdiness doesn’t go awry in the analysis of art books. I’m acquisitive for Michael Glover’s Thrust: A Spasmodic Pictorial History of the Codpiece in Art in my stocking, as it were. The art book I’ve had best success with over the years, if you can clue it down, is Chad States’s Cruising, a accumulating of photographs of old-school canoeing area in accessible parks. From best credibility of view, it’s a alternation of pictures of copse and bushes. To recipients of a assertive age, this has accepted a present bartering amaranthine hilarity. There is annihilation nicer than a allowance that you feel alone the giver and the receiver can be assertive of understanding.

Anonymous, 25, Houston, Texas

I anticipate your father, Anon Snr, and I would be fast friends, and may I be so adventurous as to say you accept appear to the appropriate abode with your fantasy-centric question. JRR and George RR are actually the best acclaimed bifold Rs in fantasy literature, but there are added brand that buck inspection. CS, for example. Abounding bodies afield accept that the Narnia books accord in that best abominable of categories: aloof for children. But The Lord of the Rings novels were already advised children’s books, too, so acquaint ancestor to bandy abreast his preconceptions and dive through that apparel and into a alongside cosmos of all-powerful lions, snow queens and Turkish delight. Your dad will not affliction the visit, and he will never actually return. A acceptable book is a acceptable book, no amount what age the clairvoyant or what characterization bodies stick on the spine.

Another absolute archetype of both this and added appropriate around-the-clock fantasies is Tomi Adeyemi’s Accouchement of Blood and Bone, which follows charlatan Zélie as she attempts to restore abracadabra to the commonwealth of Orïsha. If the aboriginal book is annihilation to go by, the alternation is destined to be a blockbuster. However, at the moment this is alone one book, so if your dad loves a belfry of tomes point him appear Raymond E Feist’s Archimage series. He will acknowledge you for the tip already he comes aback from the Commonwealth of the Isles.

Feist’s Riftwar aeon is accurately one of the best admired fantasy alternation anytime committed to paper, and Pug’s adventure from abettor to (spoiler alert) archimage is as arced and ballsy a adventure as anytime undertaken by hobbit, orc or broadcast – appropriately the oft-quoted saying: “If it’s a Feist, don’t anticipate twice.” Actually, I aloof fabricated that up. It’s terrible, don’t acquaint Raymond. But banal or not, it’s true, and if your dad enjoys Magician, as I feel assured he will, again Feist has added than two dozen accomplished works that should accumulate your ancestor activity for a few years. And if you’re not assertive by my case, aloof attending at the man’s name: Raymond E Feist. Floating initial. Case closed.

Anonymous, controlling assistant, 48, London

For arduous electric astriction and bedevilled ballsy medicine, the standout medical annual of 2019, David Nott’s War Doctor, can’t be matched. Your ancestor will be alert by Nott’s descriptions of actuality trapped beneath blaze in a makeshift Sarajevo operating theatre, helplessly aggravating to catch a child’s broken aorta with his own gloved hand. Every doctor I apperceive secretly yearns to be as adventurous and admirable. Nott’s analysis of his addiction to crisis zones – the cerebral allurement of assuming life-saving anaplasty in some of the best baleful places on Earth – is every bit as compelling.

Closer to home, but no beneath blood-soaked, is Sue Black’s superb All That Remains. You can’t advice but balmy to this retired assistant of analysis and argumentative anthropology who chose “the abounding faces of death” as her medical speciality, yet is herself so vividly alive. Like Nott, Atramentous travelled the apple at times, coursing maggots, bullets and beastly anatomy genitalia in war and adversity zones. Admitting it all, she charcoal assertive that our capital altruism transcends the actual affliction of which our breed is capable.

New York-based oncologist Siddhartha Mukherjee’s arresting The Emperor of All Maladies charcoal the best affective book from a analyst angry scientist I accept anytime read. Mukherjee makes blight his axial character. His history of humankind’s best feared ache turns blight into a cunning, shape-shifting, bullet-dodging antagonist – allotment Voldemort, allotment Moriarty. The descriptions of atomic malfunction are the best admirable you could anytime imagine.

For , afire bluntness and scalpel-sharp prose, surgeon Gabriel Weston’s abbreviate aggregate Direct Red is a mesmerising annual of a woman abyssal the locker-room adulthood of the predominantly macho surgical world. And afterwards – for arduous blood-soaked vivacity, admitting not accounting by a doctor – Lindsey Fitzharris’s The Butchering Art is a advantageously grisly, pulsatingly repulsive, appropriately award-winning adventures of the Victorian avant-garde of antibacterial anaplasty Joseph Lister. Delicious – and actually irresistible.Catnip for anyone, retired doctor or otherwise.

Mark, 54, electrician, Manchester

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It’s a abashment you anticipate your wife’s profession is out as a subject, because there’s a agitating atypical alleged Midwives by the American columnist Chris Bohjalian, who’s huge in the US but beneath able-bodied accepted than he deserves to be here. A midwife attends a home bearing one freezing Vermont winter as an ice storm descends – she saves the baby’s life, but the mother dies and the midwife is prosecuted for automatic manslaughter. OK, maybe a bad best for your wife, but it’s a abundant read.

If she enjoys romance, how about some abstract that accept adventurous adulation as a disciplinarian but additionally action a abundant accord more? Emma is a abundant alpha to advertent Jane Austen. Howards End by EM Forster begins with a adventurous accident but develops into a affecting and accurate chance of the Schlegel sisters (and if she admired that, she’d additionally like A Room With a View).

She would apparently additionally adulation I Capture the Alcazar by Dodie Smith, which centres on the Mortmain sisters and their admiration for adulation while active in genteel abjection in a crumbling 1930s castle. Its acclaimed aboriginal band will accord you a clue to the accent of the book: “I address this sitting in the kitchen sink.”

If you’re attractive for apricot and contemporary, you can’t go awry with annihilation by Deborah Moggach or David Nicholls.

Julie Gray, 61, freelance editor, Bloomington, Indiana, US

Don’t go aboriginal to the farm. You’re a agrarian thing, alike if you abrasion a suit, and alike the best afflicted array craven is alone almost unwild. Rewild yourself by pond with Henry Williamson’s Tarka the Otter through the rivers of Devon, actuality bolter beyond fields by ashamed and red-coated squires (Wild Lone by BB, AKA Denys Watkins-Pitchford), abstention goose-shot on the Wash and benumbed the sky anchorage (BB’s Manka the Sky Gipsy), duelling with an bedeviled trapper on Dartmoor (Brian Carter’s A Atramentous Fox Running), and active in an age-old and awful political aerial burghal in a Berkshire acropolis (Richard Adams’s Watership Down.

Then alpha apprehensive whether it’s intellectually abject to anticipate that you can accept annihilation about beastly minds. It’s not: anthropomorphism is a acceptable aboriginal guess. Darwin knew it. His intuitions about beastly affect are exhilaratingly accepted and amplified in Carl Safina’s Beyond Words (focusing on elephants, wolves and orcas) and Frans de Waal’s Mama’s Aftermost Hug (mainly primates, including man). Be able for tears, abashment at your associates of a bananas species, and the accident of a lot of abating presumptions.

By now you’ll accept a bigger abstraction of what array of animal you are (it’s attributes writing’s capital job to accord you that) and it’ll be time to attending at what happens aback bodies accommodated non-humans. It can be mutually redemptive (Gavin Maxwell’s Ring of Bright Water) or cancerous (Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, and Philip Lymbery and Isabel Oakeshott’s Farmageddon). Best avant-garde acreage animals (most of which are birds) accept abject lives, beggared of the achievability of actuality themselves. It needn’t be so.

The aftermost brace of suggestions will accept fabricated you thoroughly depressed. Pick up annihilation by James Herriot, or by his North Yorkshire veterinary breed Peter Wright (The Yorkshire Vet) and Julian Norton (Horses, Heifers and Hairy Pigs) to acclamation yourself up.

Juliet Humphreys, 56, teacher, Uxbridge

Top of my account would be the novels Olive Kitteridge by the American columnist Elizabeth Strout and the sequel, Olive, Again. I apperceive that there is abundant amusement to be begin in encountering bodies like yourself in fiction (do amuse additionally accede giving them to yourself as a gift: Olive is a retired schoolteacher!), but there is additionally joy in accepting to apperceive bodies you are acceptable never to accommodated in absolute life, in a ambience you are absurd to enter, and still recognise the artlessness of their experience. I adulation these books.

I can’t acquaint you how captivated I am that you appetite to accord abbreviate belief as gifts. Zadie Smith afresh appear her aboriginal abbreviate chance collection, Grand Union. It is beginning with what I alarm “absolute Zadieness”: wit and intelligence, able observations and amazing insights, attempt through with a faculty of both fun and wonder. I would additionally acclaim Manchester Happened by Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi, from Uganda, and Bigger Never Than Backward (what a admirable title!) by Chika Unigwe from Nigeria. These two collections are allotment of my Christmas annual this year, so I am advising them actually on the base of the absolute adeptness of their authors, who oth accept an adeptness to accomplish you attending at accustomed things in new ways.

I was captivated to apprentice afresh that one of my favourite authors, the New Zealander Eleanor Catton, has accounting the cine for the film, out in February 2020, of my additional favourite Jane Austen novel, Emma (my favourite is Persuasion). I actually adulation this witty, awkward book. It is Austen’s additional longest novel, afterwards Mansfield Park: there are no villains, annihilation abundant happens, and yet it is arresting and propulsive. I apperceive you asked for avant-garde novels but this is a archetypal that is avant-garde in sensibility. Poor, bamboozled Emma. The way Austen narrates the chance from her capricious angle is unparalleled. No admiration it is her best filmed title. Blessed giving!

Browse the books featured in Book Dispensary at Free UK p&p on all books orders over £15.

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