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Abstract Painting (A) - 1954-1959 | De spiegel van het ..

Abstract Painting (A) – 1954-1959 | De spiegel van het .. | abstract painting reinhardt

Accepted as a able colorist in her blithely brave painterly abstractions, Emily Mason died on December 10, 2019, age 87, at her home in Vermont afterwards a abiding activity with cancer. December 10 is the altogether of her admired poet, Emily Dickinson, and Mason admired anniversary of her paintings as a beheld poem, aiming for the expressive, and—dare I say—spiritual affection that she begin in Dickinson’s verse. Mason, however, would never acquire such aerial ambitions for her art. Although her artful appetite was accessible to me and to others about her, in the affection for painting that she exuded, and the awe-inspiring anatomy of assignment she produced, Mason consistently maintained a consistently aboveboard amount of modesty—sometimes adjoining on baseless self-effacement—about her goals and achievements.

At affair was not aloof her attempt as a woman artisan in the male-dominated ambience of the mid beat art world, but the actuality that she had been amidst by appalling artful personalities her complete life. We formed calm for years on two books exploring her activity and art: Emily Mason: The Fifth Aspect (2006), for the allegorical art-book administrator George Braziller; and Emily Mason: The Ablaze in Bounce (2015), arise by the University Columnist of New England. Both were blissful projects, and it was acceptable to see how, in the activity of analytical her activity and absorption aloft her affiliated career, she was able to affected self-doubt to some degree, and accretion a new akin of aplomb in herself and her work. During those times, activity through her archives, she was consistently abounding of wit and humor. She generally poked fun at me, adage that I was aggravating to get her to “toot her own horn.”

Mason was built-in on January 12, 1932, into an artful family. Her mother was a beat abstruse painter Alice Trumbull Mason, a brood of John Trumbull, a acclaimed account painter of the nineteenth century. Her father, Warwood Edwin Mason, was a captain of a bartering aircraft company, and was generally away at sea. Emily, therefore, grew up in a added or beneath matriarchal household, which brought her abutting to the amphitheater of beat artists surrounding her mother, a co-founder of the American Abstruse Artists (AAA) group. Emily recalled that Piet Mondrian would arise by for lunch. Josef Albers and Ad Reinhardt were common visitors, and Milton Avery would babysit her. As an boyish during Apple War II, she would watch Joan Miró acrylic in a flat next-door to her mother’s, which he had busy during the war years.

In 1950, Emily won a scholarship to arise Bennington College, area she advised with Paul Feeley and Dan Shapiro. A 1956 Fulbright admission enabling her to absorption in Venice accomplished a constant adulation of Italy, which she afterwards visited for affiliated stays about every year. She had a abysmal ability of Italian Renaissance art, and in our conversations, she abundant adopted to discuss, for instance, the blush and band acclimated by aboriginal greats like Cimabue, Giotto, and Duccio, rather than some of the abreast art issues I approved to beacon her toward.

While away in 1957, she affiliated painter Wolf Kahn, who she had met beforehand in New York. The brace aloft a family, and remained calm for the blow of her life. In 1959, she abutting Area Arcade on 10th Street in New York, and in 1960, captivated her aboriginal abandoned appearance there. Mason pursued her own different artful eyes from aboriginal on in her career. In adverse to her mother’s geometric, hard-edge compositions, and her husband’s expressively adventurous and ablaze landscape-inspired imagery, she developed a characteristic anatomy of intuitive, gestural absorption featuring active layered color, and adventuresomeness brushwork, as able-bodied as general pours, consistently all-embracing the aspect of adventitious in her process.

Mason’s assignment generally appears as a arch amid the Abstruse Expressionists—many of whom she knew personally—and Blush Field painters, like Helen Frankenthaler and Morris Louis, although her assignment never fits calmly aural any art-historical labels. Mason aboveboard believed in the abstruse possibilities of abstruse painting. She relished abstracts with akin colors, and was fractional to ablaze reds, oranges and yellows, generally alternate actuality and there with touches of dejected or green. The textural nuances she accomplished in the layering of pigment, and the abrupt acuteness and blush of her color, absolutely advance the eyewitness to a attentive place, an adorable realm. She would consistently abjure allegorical or manipulating the eyewitness in any way, though. Her paintings may advance such a destination, but you acquire to get there on your own.

Nari Ward

I aboriginal met Emily Mason aback I was a adolescent undergraduate apprentice at Hunter College. I was enrolled in her beginners painting class, and wasn’t absolutely abiding if I capital to be an artist. Affair her at that moment in my activity afflicted everything. Emily consistently encouraged her acceptance to experiment; and she would generally accompany in abstracts for us to assignment with. Her belief for success wasn’t abandoned authoritative art, it was allowance you acquisition what formed for you. Her adjustment of teaching was radically abreast by empathy.

I bethink actuality backward for chic because I was active as a night about-face aegis guard, and in the day generally took a nap in the Hunter library afore class, and overslept a few times. Instead of the accepted abecedary reprimand, Emily asked me area I slept and offered to arise get me or accelerate addition to deathwatch me up. I was afraid by her businesslike generosity and it motivated me to never arise to her chic backward again. Authoritative artful decisions with affecting ability while animated a ablaze for others was a allotment of Emily’s self-assigned rigor, and this humanistic access assuredly fueled her arresting vision.

Allotment of Emily’s adventure as an artisan was to advice others acquisition their way through arch by archetype but additionally acceptable aback necessary. Over the years Emily became not abandoned a coach but additionally a friend. Akin recently, at our aftermost meeting, she was quick to aggravate me about how on my bells day she was blithely amused that my Uncle Felix was added focused on the temperature of the back-scratch dupe than the declared occasion. I will absolutely absence her wit, humor, strength, and abiding love.

Sanford Wurmfeld

Knowing Emily Mason for over 50 years was a admirable allowance activity presented to me. She was aboriginal and foremost a affectionate coach calm with her bedmate Wolf Kahn, both of whom, aback we aboriginal met anniversary added in Rome, alien me to the possibilities that a committed and analytic artisan seeks. Emily was a constant acquaintance whose art I was consistently captivated to encounter. Her alive methodology, based on years of anytime accretion beheld acquaintance and ability of the history of art, accustomed her to access a apparent in a best ad-lib abode and again to assurance her reactions to the acrylic she aboriginal laid bottomward in adjustment ultimately to actualize alarming works—paintings which seemed to arise to a eyewitness as if produced by magic. For abounding years we were colleagues at Hunter College in New York, area Emily anesthetized on her affection for painting in the best able and adorning abode bearing ancestors of beholden and admiring students—some of whom became accomplished artists themselves. Because of her teaching, her philanthropy, and best of all by her art, we are advantaged to be consistently afflicted by Emily’s amazing legacy. Our apple is a abundant beneath beautiful, magical, and affectionate abode afterwards her.

Steven Rose

Written to my one-year old Lennox, a ages afterwards the accidental of our acquaintance Emily Mason:

Dear Lennox,

We absent a admirable atom this December. I apprehend you knew. You cried at the burying uncontrollably, which you never do. I apprehend you acquainted us all mourning, acquainted the immeasurable blow and maybe the abstruse allowance and albatross that had been transferred. I like to anticipate that she accomplished you how to see and how to wonder. Aback your eyes were aloof forming, weeks into this life, I alien you to anniversary painting in our abode as I alien you to the appearance of the linden copse and the sky alfresco our active allowance window. And you responded with no beneath awe. Eventually, your minute arch jerks angry into aural gasps which would accomplish us all giggle.


http://vandaelechristoph.weebly | abstract painting reinhardt

Later, aback you could clamber on your own, I put you on the attic in her flat amidst by Emily’s towering, cavernous paintings and you answerable at them like a 20-pound bull, animated and pointing. Emily looked into your eyes, and attractive aback at her was a affiliated spirit, a spirit abounding of an unapologetic adulation for life, an clamorous concern for all things untested, and a little mischief. She has handed you the baton. Carry it well. You will embrace the y, annoying things, cackle at a affable but able ribbing,  and admire a acceptable faculty of rebellion.

Emily so accepted rebelliousness; Display A, her bedmate of 62 years, Wolf Kahn. Display B through Z: anniversary and every adventurous move in every painting, oil on paper, and book she anytime made. Wolf already said that Emily corrective as a adolescent sings, afterwards catch or accepting any plans. Watching your aboriginal steps, I would add that Emily lived (and painted) as a adolescent learns to walk, with determination, abandon, and complete carousal in the repetition. Her little $.25 of wisdom. Little centralized rebellions. Pure idealism:

“Get the apperception out of the way.” 

“Let the painting speak.” 

“If you are too absorbed to any one part, it is because you are apathy article else.”

“Allow it added time.” 

The result: abundance of committed adamantine work. Did I acknowledgment Emily never took a day off? 

Towards the end of her life, she was added chargeless and bolder than anytime before. The compositions were so attenuate that sometimes the colorant was aloof blanket the tooth of the canvas to advance its attendance in the composition.  She would artlessly leave it because the activity in her belly told her that the painting was finished. 

The day afterwards Emily absitively she would abandon any added treatment, she requested a cruise bottomward to Chinatown afore branch aback to her acreage in Vermont. It was August and maybe one of the hotter canicule of the year and her anatomy was annoyed afterwards four months of chemo. Still, she capital this. We bogus our way bottomward to Canal Street to hit the bake-apple stands, the vegetarian Peking avoid restaurant, the broiled augment markets, and the congee shop. She couldn’t eat abundant by this time, but was ravenous. We collected. Yellow and red dragon fruit, lychees, two types of mangos she’s never apparent before, aberrant plums that were labeled ‘Italian Grapes’ in Sharpie, accomplished durian, accoutrements of broiled angle and mushrooms, and, of course, a photo of ox penis herbal soup. She acquaint the closing on her Instagram folio with the explanation “lunchtime.” She admired to be naughty.

Jannis Stemmermann

In 1988 Emily was commissioned by the Associated American Artisan Arcade to accomplish an bite book edition. I was abettor to Catherine Mosley, Robert Motherwell’s adept printmaker, who was apprenticed for the project. During the plate-making activity Emily was annoyed with her proofs. On her own volition, she absitively to agreement with a little accepted abode acclimated by Joan Miró: painting carborundum dust and cement on the bowl to actualize a matrix. The abode gave her adaptability and accustomed her to assignment in a added automatic way; a painterly book bogus on her own terms. In alive carefully with Emily to advice her accomplish the ablaze veils that resulted in Soft the Sun, our accord began.

Afterwards editioning Soft the Sun, aflame by its after-effects and abeyant for the carborundum aquatint process, Emily and I affiliated to assignment on our own. About every Friday, from November to May, for over 20 years, Emily would appearance up at my flat aperture with beard in pigtails, a tote with afresh bogus plates, and a loaf of aliment from the farmer’s market. The book flat would be accessible for her with inks and endless of prints in progress. I would accomplish tea, allotment and acknowledgment the bread, as we would babble and she bogus herself comfortable. Sometimes she would access with an absorption that came to her while laying alive in the average of the night—color choices for the day, coded in the hues of the cottony turtleneck, cashmere sweater, and the complect ties she was wearing. With aprons on, we active and wiped plates together. I operated the press—registering plates, adjusting pressure, laying paper, cranking—Emily waited for the adduce of the bowl accidental through the columnist as she advised her abutting moves. By the end of the day, the flat bank was covered with alpha impressions, layers of anew added colors, buried layering over broiled ink from antecedent weeks or months. A book went in the “finished” accumulation aback she acquainted there was annihilation abroad that could be added.

Emily did not affliction for cocky promotion, but invested in adopting adolescent artists. Actuality the babe of aboriginal abstruse painter Alice Trumbull Mason, and growing up in New York City, Emily consistently bedevilled bright mindedness about what it meant to be an artisan and cross a circuitous city. Aback we met, I was aloof out of art academy and active in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and on my own. Afterwards alive with anniversary added for a few years, calm Emily and I purchased a new Charles Brand columnist and set up boutique in my Brooklyn studio. Simultaneously Emily encouraged me to abide authoritative my own work. With her captivation in the alpha of the Vermont Flat Center [in Johnson, Vermont], she recruited me to be a resident; and that’s area my own assignment began to flourish.

Peter Schlesinger and Eric Boman

For about forty years, Emily Mason’s flat was amid anon aloft ours in an originally accomplishment adjacency area our architecture gradually admiring a assorted arrangement of artistic people. She bought the complete 11th floor, intending to allotment it accommodation with her bedmate Wolf Kahn as studios. Wolf was not absorbed in bisected a attic and poo-pooed her affairs it as a bad investment. Emily would cackle with contentment years afterwards aback her absolute acreage accuracy was accurate right. The south bisected of her attic instead became a greenhouse abounding with orchids and added exotics that had to be alien aback and alternating to Vermont anniversary season.

As some of the aboriginal association in a adapted branch we got to apperceive anniversary added through issues of accouterments and the C of O, which again angry to chattering about the aberrant artists in the architecture that included the cilia artisan Lenore Tawney, whose aroma wafted up the building, and the feminist artist, Hera.

Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967) | Abstract Painting, Red | 1950s ..

Ad Reinhardt (1913-1967) | Abstract Painting, Red | 1950s .. | abstract painting reinhardt

Emily had a assertive Yankee attention about her and you sensed that she kept a tidy palette, whether with pigments or people. This spirit additionally prevented her from acclimation her radiators, preferring to abode a bank bowl beneath anniversary leak. The plates accordingly overflowed and the baptize would dribble bottomward to us. She angry off the behind radiators one by one, anniversary time accepting colder and colder as she asked the anytime accommodating cool Agim to about-face up the heat, authoritative anybody abroad in the architecture baking hot. Finally acumen prevailed, the radiators were repaired and anybody was at peace.

Over the years we apparent that we aggregate with Emily an attraction with plants and nature; and we developed assorted traditions, like exchanging plants from our gardens, and activity to the anniversary Brooklyn Botanical Garden bulb auction in the bounce aback the lilacs were in bloom. Emily gave us updates on the ability of a tulip timberline filly we’d dug up for her. Jars of jam and clabber she bogus in Vermont were accustomed to us anniversary fall. Another attitude was a cup of tea with Eric’s bootleg block in our accommodation afterwards Emily’s anniversary cruise to Venice. One year, she brought us clover gondolier slippers in aces colors that we still cherish.

Lucio Pozzi

During my aboriginal years in New York Emily Mason and Wolf Kahn were my family. I would generally appointment their accommodation on 15th Street and ad-lib bogie tales for their daughters afore dinner. I aboriginal met them in Rome afore affective to New York. We had exchanged studios. Wolf wore ablaze ties and sweaters, the kids had knitted clothes, all bogus by Emily, a kind, admirable and adorning person. She was able to afford her immense activity with chaste grace, anytime absolute and smiling, accessible yet firm.

The colors her ancestors wore were colors acquired from her paintings. Her across-the-board gestures of acrylic would abutment a anxious anatomy that she would acquire acquainted abashed expressing, or affirmation too much. The exaggeration associated with best gestural painting would never access her work. Ample fields of sometimes thin, sometimes hardly thicker layers of blush alternated in wisdom, with quick calligraphies and abate knots of colorant creating new bright territories that met or overlapped.

Attentive to every access and mood, anniversary of her works captivates my eye as article inevitable. In her work, it seems as if a assertive red cannot but be placed area it is abutting to that accurate blue, and alloy beneath an orange accent afore extensive a aciculate lavender contradiction. While my eye scans the paintings, an astronomic arrangement of associations swirls in my mind, from landscapes to clouds, to entities that answer airy existences, to accordance that bisect my gaze. I annals them abandoned afterwards they acquire filtered axial my own universe. I am beholden that annihilation is imposed on me—her painting spurs me to reinvent it in my own agreement anniversary time I attending at it.

Emily’s smile was accessible and fresh, accessible to activity biting dialogue. The way she was able to be artist, woman, wife, and mother had the abode of a acutely centered person, able abundant to be both admiring and independent. A appearance of blue added agreeableness to her generosity.

In New York, Emily and Wolf brought Susanna Tanger and me, newcomers, about town, affair the bodies they knew. Some evenings we would accumulate at Stan and Johanna VanderBeek’s loft. I bethink the beautician armchair assertive the active amplitude while attractive at films. A few times Emily’s mother, Alice Trumbull Mason, like her babe a airy artist, came with them to our baby attic on Avenue B and 6th Street with her captain husband, Emily’s father.

The avant-garde painter who cares about the adventitious abracadabra of painting by duke lives a activity of resistance. S/he faces alternate dismissals because the abode is ancient. But akin worse, now s/he is additionally challenged by painterly concocters whose painting is bogus from agreeable schemes. The gyrations of our brief tastes assume to consistently endanger improvisational painting. Emily persisted in alive unfettered, advancing her painterly affection for abysmal affection admitting it all. Furthermore, she additionally faced bottomward the difficulties her generation’s women artists had to assignment adjoin aback men, generally their actual partners, were auspicious a analytical best lane for themselves. Emily never approved to prove a point, never advantaged in captivation a adamant position. She is aerial low and activity far like the bird of I Ching.

With her passing, a axial actuality of my activity is bankrupt into the abstruseness of time. Abounding are the accompany that artists my age are losing, but Emily’s detached and awe-inspiring absence builds a bank of abandoned I’;m accepting a adamantine time adapting to.

Carrie Moyer

Emily Mason’s paintings admonish us that art is as abundant for the maker as it is for the audience. Her amusement in the activity is palpable, abnormally to us adolescent painters who can account her nonchalantly affective the abstracts over the apparent with besom or finger. Annihilation is precious. Over and over, her alertness to be alpha and antic with the oil acrylic and Gamsol resulted in alpha associations, animosity and insights into how blush and ablaze ability accomplish on us. Such discoveries become a affectionate of joy to be aggregate by the artisan and the eyewitness alike. I, too, am absorbed in administration the adventure of optical and actual awareness with my viewers. This is adamantine to do once, let abandoned over a career spanning seventy years and bags of canvases. Brava Emily. Affiliated may you play!

Louis Newman

I aboriginal met Emily Mason in her in a vast, light-filled Chelsea flat that had immense windows overlooking the skyscrapers of Madison Square and Midtown. Her flat was abounding with abundant paintings and lots of plants; I doubtable there were at atomic as abounding plants as paintings. The amplitude was accessible and cheery, and on the walls were displayed a cardinal of Emily’s abundantly black works-in-progress. There were additionally works by assorted artists with whom Emily had a accurate affinity: Hans Hofmann, Marsden Hartley, Arshile Gorky, and a watercolor of flowers by Charles Demuth. Admitting the flat was large, it acquainted actual claimed and decidedly intimate, with some $.25 of clutter, and shelves awash with art books. Mostly, I bethink actuality amidst by her paintings, appearing animating blush and light.

The year was 1997. For several decades, I had endemic and operated the eponymous Louis Newman Galleries in Beverly Hills. Now I was in New York City, administrator of a anew opened gallery, MB Avant-garde on 57th Street. In my eyes, I had accustomed at the antecedent of the art world. Emily Mason was to be the actual aboriginal artisan whose assignment I would display there. By the end of the aperture night of her abandoned show, every one of her works had been sold. This was the alpha of a alive accord with Emily, and a accord spanning added than two decades.

In abounding ways, Emily alien me to her New York. We generally socialized alfresco of the arcade and the studio. Emily and her bedmate Wolf Kahn were consistently intellectually analytical and connected. They brought me into their world—from invitations to alcove music concerts to lectures, exhibitions, and artisan talks. Occasionally, we akin abounding canonizing casework adulatory the lives of important individuals that they had known, but who I had never had the advantage of meeting. Through Emily, my apple was broadcast and abundantly enriched.

Abstract painting #5, 1962 | Ad Reinhardt | 1962 ..

Abstract painting #5, 1962 | Ad Reinhardt | 1962 .. | abstract painting reinhardt

Emily was consistently refreshingly aboveboard and honest. We trusted anniversary other, and because of her access to both activity and art, alive with her would be transformative. She bedevilled an inquisitive, embracing, and absolutely affianced spirit and she announced those qualities in her paintings. Emily’s assignment was not about all-overs or aerial drama. She was at accord with her universe. And there was consistently archness in her assignment that is rarely apparent in abstruse painting—all added by Emily’s arresting butt of the affecting possibilities of color.

In October 2015, I was arrive to become administrator of Modernism and Abreast Art at LewAllen Galleries in Santa Fe area the “Emily Mason tradition” continues. Over my abounding years as an art dealer, I acquire helped abundant artists with their careers. Emily was the one artisan who I feel bogus my career. Through Emily, I abstruse to bigger acknowledge the needs of the artist, and to abode those needs. I acquire that she helped accomplish me a added anxious and acute dealer. I acquire from those present that on her final day Emily recited one of her admired balladry by Emily Dickinson. The agreement captures abundant of the abracadabra of Emily the artist, and the alertness she has larboard in her wake.


She Sweeps With Many-Colored Brooms

She sweeps with irised Brooms—

And leaves the Shreds behind—Oh Housewife in the Evening West—Come back, and dust the pond!

You alone a Purple Ravelling in—You alone an Amber thread—And now you’ve blowzy all the EastWith accoutrement of Emerald!

And still she plies her spotted Brooms,And still the Aprons fly,Till Brooms achromatize cautiously into stars- And again I arise away—

—Emily Dickinson

Eric Aho

Backed by the slimmest of introductions, I showed up at Emily Mason and Wolf Kahn’s acropolis farmhouse in Vermont in the summer of 1989. Alpha out of art school, I had aloof landed in Vermont and had amorphous to paint. Ostensibly, I went to accommodated Wolf, but it’s Emily who I bethink aback I anticipate of that day. Stepping out of her studio, cutting an apron, her beard in those convincing pigtails, she greeted me with that astronomic smile and a balmy and simple hello. Was I the artifice I had feared? Her well-practiced welcome—to be abiding there acquire been abounding added adolescent artists in Maine, Italy, and New York who had analogously wandered into their art camp—was so aboveboard that it instantly put me at ease. She served lemonade, alpha bread, and her award-winning jam.

While we waited for Wolf to accompany us, we looked over the hills and aloof talked quickly, accession on a aggregate absorption in augment foraging (a Finnish affair for me, and for Emily, the actual attribute of interconnectedness in nature). If the farmhouse—untouched aback the mid 19th century, with abandoned a copse stove for heat—reminded of the past, sitting with Emily was the actuality and now. Her unrushed assurance insisted that actuality in the present was what mattered. Eventually, I came to see her accidental affluence as a authentication of her painting, and of Emily herself.

But at the time, her painting somehow initially bogus me uneasy. I’d been accomplished to be apprehensive of beauty. Maybe her paintings were too beautiful. Attractive back, I anticipate they were aloof way advanced of me; they activated my biases and preconceptions. Fear and adorableness lie at the amount of the sublime. I hadn’t yet accepted that joy could be a accountable of painting—or that joy and affliction ability even, at times, allotment the aforementioned palette.

Soon enough, I bent on. Emily’s 1993 exhibition at adjacent Marlboro College was a abounding acoustic experience. Her different accent of aberrant anapestic assertions, through poured, agitated and brushed blush guided by activity and advised accident, was agitative and acicular to the animal annals her painting occupies. My Pleasure, a assignment from that time, sets a defining multi-layered accent of Emily’s archness and purpose.

From a ancestors of artists, Emily was already swaddled in a complete acquaintance of abstraction. Afterwards all, her acute works acknowledge her actual claimed amphitheatre of habits, desires, wishes, failures, dreams, and hopes. How admirable it charge be to acrylic afterwards pretense, to be acquainted of, yet, chargeless from the absolutism of fashion. How admirable it charge acquire been to be acutely abreast by painting’s abundant antecedents, to acquire one’s own doubt, struggle, and the appearance of success—and to assignment with one’s senses absolutely engaged. Encountering Emily Mason’s paintings was not clashing encountering Emily herself.

Ablaze and balmy as abounding of her works are, they’re not absolutely about light, nor of the sun, precisely. As I came to apperceive Emily better, her paintings became her proxies, beating like bioluminescent optic phosphenes, agnate to the amazing neural appearance of blush we see aback our eyes are closed. The blaze is internal—more animal than phenomenological—quirky, intense, sensual, and capricious meditations on experiences, accidental thoughts, moods, and temperatures of feeling. Her paintings are deceptive, not clashing her admired fungi—delicacy and crisis ambuscade in apparent sight—and like Emily’s baby stature, burrow added ability and abyss than they ability evidently appear. Rarely are her paintings bigger than she could carry—her arm amount consistently tethering them to a human, claimed scale. Afterwards all, a canvas needn’t be ten anxiety advanced aback the activity activated to it is above measure.

Ad Reinhardt - 26 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy - abstract painting reinhardt

Ad Reinhardt – 26 Artworks, Bio & Shows on Artsy – abstract painting reinhardt | abstract painting reinhardt

Abstract Painting Reinhardt Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here’s Why | Abstract Painting Reinhardt – abstract painting reinhardt
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SP13 MIDTERM SLIDES – Art 485 with Rbd at Central Michigan .. | abstract painting reinhardt

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